Views of Asia Minor, 1860–1890, bulk 1865–1880

This collection of 64 photographs—depicting ancient, medieval, and natural sites in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey and Greece)—appears to be part of a mock-up for an illustrated book. Ephesus, Lindos, Rhodes, Sardis, and Smyrna are among the cities represented.

Ancient and medieval locations include the Temple of Venus in Aphrodisias; the Temple of Diana and the theater at Ephesus; an aqueduct in Saint Anne's Valley, Smyrna; Fort Saint Nicholas, three medieval windmills, and the Knights' Castle on the island of Rhodes; the amphitheater and Roman basilica in the ancient city of Pergamon; and a statue of Sesostris. Several photographs represent early Christian sites throughout Asia Minor, such as the Saint Polycarp Church, the Gate of the Persecution, the Greek church of Saint George in Smyrna; and Saint Paul's Prison, the Tomb of Saint Luke, and the Church of Saint John—which later became the Mosque of Sultan Selim—at Ephesus.

The collection includes photographs of natural places, among them Lake Gyges, the hot springs of Sardis, Mount Pagus, Two Brothers Mountain, and the Rock of Niobe. In addition images of barracks, cemeteries, yaykas (summer resorts), Yuruks (a group of nomads), and other places and people evoke Turkish life in the 19th century.