TeacherArtExchange is the Getty's listserv for art education professionals. Please read the following guidelines before posting or replying to messages on the TeacherArtExchange listserv. These guidelines help ensure that the content posted on this listserv is on topic, follows safety standards, and is easy to find for all users.

If you have problems or questions that are not addressed below, please contact us at teacherartexchange@getty.edu.

Who can post messages to TeacherArtExchange?
TeacherArtExchange is a listserv designed for art educators to talk about various ways of teaching and learning with art. Anyone is invited to participate. You must be registered to post messages to the list. Anyone can view the archive online.

How do I get off the list?
To unsubscribe from the list, click on the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any e-mail you receive from TeacherArtExchange. You can also unsubscribe here.

If you would like to stop receiving e-mails from this list temporarily, go to Edit Your Account Settings and choose the option for "no e-mail." Your account will stay active, and you can start receiving e-mails again by going back to Edit Your Account Settings at any time.

Include a Descriptive Subject Line
Please include a subject line with your message that accurately describes the content of your message. This helps community members find relevant conversations easily, helps your messages get posted to the right thread, and prevents your messages from being confused with spam.

  • Do:
    add specific words to give users a better idea of the topic: "art education graduate schools," "teaching color theory," "discussion on originality in art," "how do you teach photography?"
  • Do not:
    post messages with blank subject lines or with generic subject lines like: "art education," "teaching art," "discussion," or "question"

Appropriate Topics for Submissions
We ask that messages posted to the list be related to topics of art education, teaching, and the arts in general. For example, postings about the following areas of interest are appropriate:

Art education
Art history
Studio art practice
K-12 teaching
College level art education
Lesson plans and curricula
Contemporary art
Community art projects
Professional development for teachers

Appropriate Tone
Messages should be civil and professional in tone.

Inappropriate Submissions
Please refrain from posting the following:

  • Commercial advertisements, spam, or solicitations
  • Attachments of any kind (due to the risk of transmitting computer viruses)
  • Topics generally irrelevant to the interests of this community
  • Personal communications between individuals
  • Replies to individuals' requests for information, which is not of significant interest to the entire TeacherArtExchange community
  • Personal criticism of any individuals
  • Personal or confidential information about others
  • Content that includes copyrighted information, unless permission to reproduce is obtained
  • Messages devoted solely to humor or light conversation
  • Messages that are exceptionally long (i.e., many pages). These can cause problems for users with limited e-mail storage.
  • Messages containing profanity

Having trouble posting your message?
TeacherArtExchange does not accept e-mails formatted in HTML. Check the settings in your e-mail client to ensure that your e-mail is in "plain text." Contact your Internet service provider or the customer service department of your mail client for help. If you use AOL, this may be the reason why your messages aren't making it to the listserv, because the default setting in AOL is to send e-mails in HTML format.

For Your Own Security
Be aware that the content of messages posted to TeacherArtExchange is publicly available. In addition to sending your messages to all TeacherArtExchange subscribers, the Getty also posts all messages in our online archive, which is accessible to anyone coming to our Web site. For this reason, please do not include information of a personal or sensitive nature in your posts. You may not want to include e-mail addresses in the body of your message for this reason.

A note about your name: Although your full e-mail address will not be published in the online archive, the portion of your e-mail address before the @ symbol will be included in your post. In addition, the "display name" associated with your e-mail address will be published. Many people use their real name as their display name. You can change your display name in the account settings of your e-mail client.

Please note that TeacherArtExchange is not moderated. This means that no one reads or edits your e-mail in any way before it is distributed to all TeacherArtExchange subscribers and posted in our online archive. The J. Paul Getty Trust cannot verify the accuracy or truth of the content of messages posted to TeacherArtExchange, or be held accountable for message content. You are responsible for the content of your postings. After you submit a post, it cannot be edited by you or anyone else, including staff of the J. Paul Getty Trust.

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