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Barbara T. Smith (American, b. 1931)
Barbara T. Smith Coffin Series and Related Material, 1965–67

A unique set of 25 hand-bound artist's books and working materials documents Smith's experiments with an early Xerox 914 copy machine, showing a variety of formal experimentations to produce both abstract and figurative imagery. 2013.M.23

Archives and Manuscripts

Muhammad ibn Sulaymān al-Jazūlī (Moroccan, d. 1465)
Dalā'il al-khayrāt (Guides to bliss) (Turkey, 1700s)

This compendium of Islamic prayers and poems by the 15th-century Moroccan scholar and Sufi al-Jazūlī was considered essential reading for pilgrims on the Hajj to Mecca, and its popularity is attested by the deluxe production of this 18th-century manuscript, most probably produced in Ottoman Turkey. 2013.M.26

Jean Joseph Marie Amiot (French, 1718–1793)
Jean Joseph Marie Amiot letter to Claude-François Attiret regarding Jean-Denis Attiret, 1769 March 1

Father Joseph Amiot wrote this 64-page letter to inform Claude-François Attiret of the death of his cousin, Jean-Denis Attiret, in 1768. Amiot describes Attiret's life in China in detail with particular attention to his artistic commissions for the Qianlong emperor. 2013.M.13

L. Garth Huxtable (American, 1911–1989)
L. Garth Huxtable Papers, 1932–83

The archive consists of about 3,300 original design drawings and more than 600 blueprints, plus hundreds of letters, documents, brochures, and photographs, documenting Huxtable's entire career, starting with his student years in Boston, followed by work he did in the 1950s for corporate and government clients, such as furniture designed for the United Nations, tableware created for the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York, and tools produced for the Miller Falls Company. 2013.M.2
Gift of Ada Louise Huxtable

Herbert Muschamp (American, 1947–2007)
Herbert Muschamp Papers, bulk 1972–2006

Documenting the writing career of this prolific architectural critic, the collection includes research files, notes, early drafts, typescripts, articles, lectures, correspondence, publications, clippings, photographs, video recordings, and ephemera. 2012.M.36
Gift of the Estate of Herbert Muschamp

Cindy Nemser (American, b. 1937)
Cindy Nemser Papers, 1969–98 (bulk 1969–77)

Consisting primarily of audio recordings, correspondence, and writings, the archive documents the activities of a key feminist critic and her exchanges with various artists, critics, and scholars in the 1970s, including Vito Acconci, Eleanor Antin, Chuck Close, Eva Hesse, and Gordon Matta-Clark. 2013.M.21

Yvonne Rainer (American, b. 1934)
Partial score for Parts of Some Sextets, 1965

This score for the dance piece Parts of Some Sextets (1965), by dancer and choreographer Yvonne Rainer, is a key example of Rainer's minimalist work of the 1960s. Here she choreographed for the human body as an object of athleticism, rather than of emotional expression. 2013.M.10*
Gift of the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Willibald Sauerländer (German, b. 1924)
Willibald Sauerländer Papers, 1947–2011

This portion of Sauerländer's scholarly archive includes research files, class and public lectures, drafts of publications, unpublished manuscripts, and his correspondence with colleagues around the world. 2012.M.41

Prints and Drawings

Rodolphe Bresdin (French, 1822–1885)
La Saint Famille aux Cerfs (The holy family with deer), 1871

A stunning example of French romanticism and technical experimentation, this is one of eight prints that Bresdin transferred from an etched impression to a lithographic stone. 2013.PR.3*

J. (Jacques) Chevillard, (French, 1680–1751)
Cartes de blason, de chronologie, et d'histoire (Heraldic, historical, and genealogical prints), 1695–1724

This collection of heraldic prints includes exceedingly rare large-format etchings made from about 1695 by the Chevillards, engravers and publishers who also held the titles of "Genealogiste du Roy" and "Chronologiste et Historiographe de France" under Louis XIV. 2013.PR.50

Noël Cochin (French, 1622–1695)
Paris, 1662

This panorama of the city, from the heights of Charonne in the 20th arrondissement, reveals topographical features, notable churches, and buildings stretching from the abbey of Saint-Antoine to Montmartre, as well as activities of the city's inhabitants, including an engraver at work and a man with a telescope. 2013.PR.36

Henri Charles Guérard (1846–1897)
Les cocottes de la mort (Prostitutes of death), 1875

The only known second state of this rare and enigmatic still life alludes to prostitutes through its depiction of a skull surrounded by a group of origami figures. 2013.PR.49

Stephan von Huene (American, 1932–2000)
Untitled (K'NAF) , 1970
Untitled (EN TRE) , 1971
Untitled (FEX) , 1972

These three prints exemplify the California output of an artist who was born in Los Angeles and based there until the 1970s. 2013.PR.67**, 2013.PR.68**, and 2013.PR.69**
Gift of Dr. Petra Kipphoff von Huene

Robert Irwin (American, b. 1928)
9 Spaces, 9 Trees, 1980–83

The print was originally commissioned by the Seattle Arts Commission in 1980 for the rooftop of the Public Safety Building and relates to the early stages of the project's construction. It was reimagined in 2007 and sited on campus at the University of Washington. 2013.M.11
Gift of Ed and Brandy Sweeney

C. Jacquinet (French)
Plusieurs models des plus nouuelles manieres qui sont en usage en l'art d'arquebuzerie . . . (Master French gunsmiths' designs of the mid-17th century) (Paris, after 1660)

Comprising the designs of Louis XIV's gunsmiths, Thuraine the Elder and Le Hollandois (Adrien Reynier), the book's 16 engraved sheets detail everything from the gun workshop (arquebuzerie) layout and mechanical explanations of internal gun components to examples of ornamental designs for the guns' exterior surfaces. 2013.PR.48

King Lewis' Canal, ca. 1846

Presenting a perspective view of the canal designed by King Ludwig I of Bavaria (1786–1868), this rare paper diorama from about 1840 must have amazed viewers of the time period with its exquisite colors and vivid detail. The diorama commemorates the heralded 1836–46 construction of the canal, a project carried out by Baron Heinrich von Pechmann at Ludwig's command. 2013.PR.37

Solomon Caesar Malan (English, 1812–1894)
Solomon Caesar Malan Albums of Drawings, ca. 1835–53

The six albums contain 764 drawings and watercolors documenting landscapes, ruins, and sites in Egypt, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, and Turkey. One of the albums is dedicated to a few sites in England, France, and Switzerland. A prolific scholar and draftsman, Malan traveled widely and was a professor of Classics at Bishop's College in Calcutta. 2013.M.25

Ping ding Kuoerke zhan tu (Pictures of the campaigns against the Gurkhas), ca. 1793–99

Eight large-format copper engravings comprise the complete set of prints commissioned by the Qianlong Emperor to commemorate his victorious campaign against the Nepalese in 1792. Printed in China and designed by Chinese artists, the set includes poems inserted at the top of the engraved print based on the Qianlong Emperor's personal commentary on the scenes. 2012.PR.33

Prints of the French Revolution, 1774–ca. 1840

A collection of 106 mostly hand-colored prints includes caricatures and portraits, satires and propaganda, allegories and reportage, adding to the 351 prints held by the Research Institute. P980009

Odilon Redon (French, 1840–1916)
Songes (Dreams), 1891

Inspired by the Bordeaux botanist Armand Clavaud, Songes is one of Redon's rarest suites of lithographs, containing meditations on death, the afterlife, and memories and representing a very personal evocation of visions related to his recently deceased friend's work. 2013.PR.52
Gift of the Getty Research Institute Council

Odilon Redon (French, 1840–1916)
Apocalypse de saint Jean, (Apocalypse of Saint John) Paris, 1899

The images in Redon's final lithographic suite are inspired by St. John's vision of the Apocalypse. 2013.PR.4

Allen Ruppersberg, (American, b. 1944)
The Top Ten Historical Similarities (and Differences) between Prints and Photographs (Santa Fe, 2012)

These ten lithographs illustrate through both image and text the reproductive arts of printmaking and photography. Ruppersberg alters vintage photographs through hand-coloring and expressive marks, both on the photos and in the surrounding borders. 2013.PR.39

Rare Books and Serials

Abstrakt Konkret. Bulletin der Galerie des Eaux-Vives, Nos. 1–12 (Zürich, 1944–45)
This complete set of the monthly bulletin Abstrakt Konkret provides crucial documentation of the beginnings of the Concrete Art movement in Europe. The bulletins contain hand-signed illustrations and important texts by Swiss artists, as well as essays by theorists of Concrete Art. 90-S438

Andrea Bowers, (b. 1965)
Labor Is Entitled to All It Creates (Los Angeles, 2012)

This artist's book comprises an archive of all obtainable fliers and printed ephemera produced by nonprofit labor rights organizations in Los Angeles County. These ephemera are grouped into a number of thematic sections divided by brightly colored Colby poster stock that features calligraphy by the artist. 3023-849

Heinrich Bünting (German, 1545–1606)
Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae (Itinerary of the holy scripture) (Magdeburg, 1597) bound with Zacharias Rivander, Fest-Chronica (Calendar of festivals) (Leipzig, 1591)

This travel narrative through biblical geography by the Protestant theologian Heinrich Bünting contains two full-page maps of the Holy Land and another nine double-page maps, all woodcuts. Particularly significant is an allegorical map of the world in the shape of a three-leaf clover with Jerusalem at the center, visually asserting the position of the Holy Land at the heart of the world. 44-2

Das Interieur: Wiener Monatshefte für Angewandte Kunst, (Vienna, 1900–13)
This extremely rare, nearly complete issue set of the journal Das Interieur promotes the Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) aesthetic in central European architecture, furniture, and interior design. Das Interieur also includes architectural plans, elevations, and cross sections embedded in the articles for an audience of architects and affluent clients. 88-S330

Valerie Hammond (American) Substance of a Dream (New York, 2012)

This artist's book comprises 31 pages of imagery and letterpress text built around the poem "Blueprint" by Tom Sleigh. 3029-727

Nachrichten der Deutsche Linoleum-Werke A.–G.
(Newsletters of the German linoleum works industry) (Bietigheim, 1927–86)
This complete set of 66 issues of a journal on German linoleum documents the re-emergence of the German contribution to the decorative arts industry. 3017-732
Sir Paul Rycaut (British, 1628–1700)
The Present State of the Ottoman Empire (London, 1668)

In 1661 Rycaut, secretary to the ambassador to the Sublime Porte, was sent to Constantinople, where he obtained firsthand knowledge about the Ottoman Empire. The hand-colored engravings in this second edition depict Turkish costumes after the kiyafet, or costume book, which Rycaut had commissioned from an artist in the Constantinople bazaar. 3015-658

Karl Friedrich Schinkel (German, 1781–1841)
Sammlung architectonischer Entwürfe (Collection of architectural designs) (Berlin, 1819–40)

This complete first-edition portfolio from the German architect and designer illustrates the most important pieces of furniture that he created after returning from his trip to France and England in 1826. 017-728

Alexis Smith (American, b. 1949)
Three artist's books, ca. 1968–71

Executed early in the career of vanguard feminist conceptual artist Alexis Smith, these three untitled unique artist's books display her characteristic experimentation with book forms and allusion to popular culture. N7433.4.S642 A38 1968, N7433.4.S642 U61 1971, and N7433.4.S642 U612 1971

Rare Photographs

Lane Barden (American, b. 1950)
Linear City, photographed 2004–05, printed 2013

A portfolio of 120 photographs in three sections: "The Los Angeles River," "The Trench," and "Wilshire Boulevard." Artist and architecture photographer Lane Barden took these photographs with a digital camera while flying over the city's arteries in a helicopter. 2013.R.4

Wallace Berman (American, 1926–1976)
Wallace Berman Portraits of West Coast Arts and Literary Figures, 1953–76; printed 2006

This portfolio of 30 silver gelatin photographs was shot by Berman and printed posthumously in an edition of five by Michael Karmen. Rarely exhibited during his lifetime, Berman's photographs chronicle the American underground from the Beat culture of the 1950s through the social revolution of the 1960s. 2013.R.2
Gift of Michael and Jane Wilson

フォトタイムス, Foto Taimusu (Photo Times), 1924–33

One of the principal journals to promote artistic and commercial photography in Japan in the years between the two world wars, when the art form rapidly expanded, Foto Taimusu introduced the work of many modernist and avant-garde artists to Japan. This complete set of issues from the journal's first years provides rich documentation on the development of photography and modernist trends in Japan. 3008-068

Baron Alexis-Aimé de La Grange (French, 1825–1917)
Agra Architectural Monuments, 1849–51

Depicting the tomb of Emperor Akbar the Great (1542–1605) and the entrance gate to the Taj Mahal, built by his grandson, Shah Jahan (1592–1666), these two images represent some of the first photographic views ever taken of these masterpieces of Mughal architecture. 2013.R.3

Malcolm Lubliner (American, b. 1933)
Malcolm Lubliner Photographs of the Los Angeles Art Scene, 1968–73
Providing a glimpse into the artistic scene of Los Angeles in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Californian artist Lubliner photographed celebrated artists including John Altoon, Claes Oldenburg, Robert Rauschenberg, and Frank Stella. 2012.R.21

Dr. Benjamin Simpson (1831–1923)
British Occupation of Kandahār Album, 1881

This rare album contains 72 albumen prints of Afghanistan, including a five-part panorama, taken by Simpson, a doctor attached to the British military stationed in India. 2013.R.5