Administrative Records

The Report of The J. Paul Getty Trust, 1997-1998
The records created by the Getty's administrative offices and operating programs provide insights into and historical context of the following broad areas of activity:
  • Acquiring, exhibiting, preserving, and interpreting museum and research collections
  • Conducting and supporting advanced scholarship and research in the visual arts and conservation of cultural heritage
  • Diffusing knowledge, promoting learning, and facilitating access to visual art and information about it
  • Providing service and financial support to the field
  • Fostering collaboration and partnerships
  • Assuring institutional continuity

Examples of these records include minutes, memoranda and correspondence, reports, policies, procedure manuals, strategic planning documents, and training materials.

Collaborative Projects and Philanthropy

Philadelphia Museum of Art Tapestry Conservation Project, 1993 'The Pineapple Pickers'
Includes the records of significant external collaborations, conservation field projects, and selected final reports of Getty-funded projects. The records currently available in this category include: the final reports of ca. 130 international conservation projects funded by the Getty Foundation (then called the Getty Grant Program) from 1988–2001; the comprehensive archives of the Program for Art on Film, a collaborative project of the Getty and the Metropolitan Museum of Art most active from 1984–1997, including films, publications, and administrative records; and the records of the Museum Educational Site Licensing Project (1996–1998) compiled by principal investigator Howard Besser and sponsored in part by the Getty Information Institute.

Public Programming and Publications

Exhibition brochure
Includes information about exhibitions; audio and videotapes of symposia, conferences, and lectures; Getty publications, including books and published reports; printed ephemera announcing programs and activities; annual reports; newsletters; press kits; and press releases. The Institutional Archives also serves as the repository for master copies and production elements for Getty-sponsored film and video documentaries. Currently available materials include various Getty-produced videos, such as Concert of Wills: Making the Getty Center, a Maysles Films Inc. production, 1997, and Artworks: Behind the Scenes at The Getty, a 1997 video program that summarizes The Getty's activities in conservation, research, promoting arts education, and exhibiting art. Contact Institutional Archives staff for access to annual reports, printed ephemera, and publications.

Buildings and Grounds

The Getty Villa: Outdoor Theater from the Arrival Balcony
Includes records of program planning, research, design and construction drawings, models, and photo documentation for the building of the Getty Center in Brentwood, the Getty Villa in Malibu, and J. Paul Getty's original Ranch House museum. Currently available collections include: the collected records of the construction of the Getty Villa Museum (1971–1974), comprised of correspondence, meeting minutes, progress reports, construction photos, and architectural drawings; and photo documentation of the construction of the Getty Center, including aerial photography, site visits, site views, events, construction photographs, and photographs of architectural renderings and drawings, models, and materials. The Machado and Silvetti Archive of the Getty Villa Project, 1993–2005, comprised of design drawings, renderings, master plans, color studies, research photographs, and models, is currently in process.

Press and Media Coverage

Eakin / The Future of China's Past
Includes books, articles in journals, magazines, and newspapers, reviews, and press coverage in all media about the Getty and its activities. Included are television documentaries, media news coverage, and video footage created for distribution to news agencies. While these materials are not collected comprehensively, they provide researchers with a means for evaluating the impact of the institution's public programming and its influence in the local, national, and international environments.

Collected papers

J. Paul Getty with lioness cub Teresa at his Malibu Ranch House.
Includes collections related to J. Paul Getty and the Getty-related personal papers of Trustees and key staff members. The Institutional Archives does not make a concerted effort to collect J. Paul Getty's personal papers or the business records of his various companies; rather, it focuses on core collections related to his biography and his approach to collecting art. Included in this category are Ralph Hewins's research papers for his biography of J. Paul Getty published in 1961, which include photographs given to Hewins by Getty, and the records of Mr. Getty's art and real estate holding companies. A number of other collections have accrued over time, including a collection a correspondence between Mr. Getty and Allene and Belene Ashby, some architectural drawings of Getty-owned properties, and his historical photograph collections featuring Los Angeles and San Francisco.