Conservation Guest Scholars

Application period for 2017–2018 scholar residencies has closed.

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Through its Conservation Guest Scholar program, the Getty Conservation Institute supports research and the infusion of new ideas and knowledge into the practice of conservation. Since it was established in 2000, the Conservation Guest Scholar program has hosted professionals pursuing research on a wide range of theoretical, scientific, and practical issues relating to the conservation of museum collections, historic and modern architecture, archaeological sites, and cultural landscapes. The diversity of research topics and the broad array of experiences represented by past Conservation Guest Scholars have enriched the Institute's own work while adding new knowledge and thinking to the field.

The Guest Scholar program aims to fill a perceived need for opportunities for senior-level professionals to pursue research on topics that can bring new knowledge and fresh perspectives to the field. As Guest Scholars, established conservators, scientists, architects, and professionals in related fields carry out scholarly research during their tenure at the GCI. While in residence, Conservation Guest Scholars participate with other Getty scholars, fellows, and interns in the intellectual life of the Getty, making use of research collections at the Getty Center and Villa, and in the greater Los Angeles area.

Conservation Guest Scholars are in residence for either three or six consecutive months between late September and June each year. The residency grant includes a stipend, a workstation at the Conservation Institute, research assistance, airfare to and from Los Angeles, an apartment in the Getty scholar housing complex, and health benefits.

Each year, the GCI selects scholars from a highly competitive international pool of applicants. Applications are welcome from established professionals of all nationalities who have attained distinction in conservation and allied fields. Applicants should have at least five years' experience working in the field and an established record of publications and other contributions to the field.

Proposals for lab-based research requiring the assistance of GCI Science staff and the use of laboratories will be considered but are contingent upon the availability of facilities and personnel. Scholars whose research is dependent on access to the labs should be equipped to carry out most of their work independently, including the preparation of samples.

While Scholars may request access to the Getty's collections for research purposes, sampling and other invasive activities are not possible. Proposals for research that contributes to a PhD or other academic degree will not be considered.


2016–2017 Conservation Guest Scholars

Sanchita Balachandran, Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum, Baltimore: "Revealing the Practices of Ancient Athenian Painters and Potters: Preparatory Drawings and Multiple Firings"

Tami Clare, Portland State University, Oregon: "Mechanical Testing of High-Performance Nano-Composite Coatings for Outdoor Metals Conservation"

Hanna Hölling, University College London: "Object in Flux: Rethinking Conservation in Fluxus Artworks, Events and Ephemera"

Hossam Mahdy, Independent Scholar: "Glossary of Arabic Terms for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage"

Jongseo Park: National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, Daejeon, South Korea: "Scientific Studies on the Deterioration Process of Asian Lacquer"

Angela Rojas, School of Architecture, Havana: "Contemporary Interventions in Historic and Traditional Contexts."

Christina Wallace, The Presidio Trust, San Francisco: "Architecture of the Coastal Salish Tribes of the Pacific Northwest"

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Conservation Science

Application period for 2017–2019 fellowship has closed.

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The Postdoctoral Fellowship in Conservation Science is a two-year program designed to provide recent PhD recipients in chemistry and the physical sciences with experience in conservation science. The 2017–2019 Fellow will be an integral part of the Technical Studies research area.

Past Postdoctoral Fellows

Graduate Internships at the Getty Conservation Institute

Application period for 2017–2018 graduate internships has closed.

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Graduate internships support full-time positions for students or recent graduates who intend to pursue careers in fields related to the visual arts. The GCI offers twelve-month residences in the Buildings and Sites, Collections, and Science departments. Graduate internships are open to applicants of all nationalities who are either currently enrolled in a graduate program leading to an advanced degree in a field relevant to the internship(s) for which they are applying or who have recently completed a relevant graduate degree.

2016–2017 Graduate Interns

Nathan Daly
Columbia University, New York
Technical Studies

Vincent Dion
Queen's University, Ontario
Preservation of Plastics

Federica Greco
University of Minho, Guimarães, Braga, Portugal, and the Czech Technical University, Prague
Earthen Architecture Initiative

Evan Maina Maingi
University of Evora, Portugal, in collaboration with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Sapienza University of Rome
Photographic Processes Research

Sara Marandola
Sapienza University of Rome
MOSAIKON: Training for Site Managers, Mosaic Conservation Technician Training, and the Bulla Regia Model Conservation Project

Chen Yang
The Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
Conservation and Management of the Tomb of Tutankhamen

Sarah Sojung Yoon
Columbia University, New York
Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative

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