The work of the Conservation Institute is primarily project based, with many projects involving close collaboration with local, national, and international partners.

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Alternative Backing Methods for Lifted Mosaics
This project aims to address the urgent need for developing sustainable solutions to the conservation of mosaics that have been removed, or lifted, from their original archaeological setting. A project of the MOSAIKON Initiative.

Arches Project
A collaboration between the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) and World Monuments Fund (WMF) to develop an open source, web- and geospatially-based information system that is purpose-built to inventory and manage immovable cultural heritage.

Art in L.A.
This project is a study of materials and fabrication processes used by Los Angeles-based artists since the 1950s and the implications these materials and processes have for conservation. A project of the Modern and Contemporary Art Research Initiative.

Athenian Pottery Project
The Athenian Pottery project seeks to understand, at a fundamental level, the materials and techniques employed by ancient artisans to create the iconic red and black figure pottery of ancient Athens.

Bulla Regia Model Conservation Project
Through model planning and conservation activities at one site, this project aims to demonstrate best practices in the conservation of in situ mosaics, and to disseminate the results in order to improve the state of conservation of archeological mosaics throughout the Mediterranean region. A project of the MOSAIKON Initiative.

Characterization of Asian and European Lacquers
This project aims to develop a comprehensive analytical method to identify organic materials present in Asian and European lacquers. A project of the Research into Practice Initiative.

China Principles
The objective of the project is to develop and promote national guidelines for conservation and management of cultural heritage sites in China.

Cleaning of Acrylic Painted Surfaces
This workshop series seeks to integrate ongoing scientific research with the latest perspectives on cleaning technology within art conservation. A project of the Research into Practice Initiative.

Collections Research Laboratory
The primary focus of the Collections Research Laboratory's work is scientific research relating to objects in the collection of the J. Paul Getty Museum and other museums with which the Museum is collaborating.

Conservation and Management of the Tomb of Tutankhamen
The goal of this project, done in partnership with Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, is the conservation and management of the tomb of Tutankhamen.

Conservation and Rehabilitation Plan for the Kasbah of Taourirt
This project aims to develop a methodology for the conservation and rehabilitation of this traditional earthen ensemble that can be be used as a model for similar earthen sites in the region. A project of the Earthen Architecture Initiative.

Conservation Guest Scholars, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Graduate Interns
Opportunities for established conservators, scientists, and professionals in related fields to pursue scholarly interests while in residence at the GCI, as well as residential fellowship and internship opportunities for PhD recipients and graduate students.

Conservation of América Tropical
The objective of the project is to complete the conservation of the David Alfaro Siqueiros mural and to construct a shelter, viewing platform, and an interpretive center that will place the mural in its historical and artistic context.

Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative
This project seeks to identify and address conservation challenges particular to modern architecture through a comprehensive research and implementation program. Projects include the Eames House Conservation Project.

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DISCO: Data Integration for Conservation Science
This project seeks to improve the ways scientific and technical studies contribute to the conservation and understanding of works of art through development of computer-assisted data integration tools that will facilitate extraction and sharing of new information by a broad community of users.

Eames House Conservation Project
This project seeks to assess the condition of the house, contents, and setting and to develop long-term conservation management and maintenance plans for this iconic home. A project of the Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative.

Earthen Architecture Initiative
This initiative seeks to further the conservation of earthen architecture through training, research, planning and implementation, and advocacy. Projects include Conservation and Rehabilitation Plan for the Kasbah of Taourirt and the Seismic Retrofitting Project.

Herculaneum Project
This collaborative project aims to address conservation issues critical to the preservation of the archaeological site of Herculaneum through a combination of scientific investigation and fieldwork, including the conservation of decorated architectural surfaces.

Heritage Values, Stakeholders and Consensus Building
This project aims to advance the ability of heritage professionals to constructively engage with stakeholders by bridging conservation and public dispute resolution practices through a program of research, application, and dissemination.

Historic Cities and Urban Settlements Initiative
The long-term goals of this initiative are to contribute to the enhancement of practices in the field of conservation and management of historic cities and settlements and to address critical needs and issues through the implementation of targeted projects ranging from research and education to field work.

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Injection Grouts for the Conservation of Architectural Surfaces: Research and Evaluation
The objective of the project is to evaluate working properties and performance characteristics of injection grouts for the conservation of architectural surfaces and to provide reliable tools for conservators and conservation scientists to assess and compare different grouts in the laboratory and field.

International Course on Stone Conservation 2015
This advanced international course in the conservation of stone—to be held in Rome, Italy, April-June 2015—is being coorganized by ICCROM and the GCI.

Los Angeles Historic Resource Survey Project
The goals of this project are to research the objectives, methods, funding, and incentives employed in a comprehensive citywide survey in Los Angeles and to work with city decision-makers and stakeholders to implement a survey program.

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Managing Collection Environments Initiative
This multiyear initiative addresses compelling research questions and practical issues pertaining to the control and management of collection environments in museums, libraries, archives, and other repositories. Projects include Museum Lighting Research.

Modern and Contemporary Art Research Initiative
This initiative is a multifaceted, long-term venture focused on the many and varied conservation needs of modern and contemporary art. Projects include Modern Paints, Outdoor Sculpture, and Art in L.A.

Modern Paints
The project addresses questions regarding the character of modern paint materials through the development of analytical techniques for identifying modern paint media and the evaluation of cleaning methods and techniques for modern paintings. A project of the Modern and Contemporary Art Research Initiative.

Mosaic Conservation Technician Training
This practical hands-on regional training project develops teams of skilled technicians who can address basic stabilization and maintenance needs of in situ and lifted mosaics. A project of the MOSAIKON Initiative.

Mosaics at Archaeological Sites: Training for Site Managers
A series of regional training courses in the conservation and management of archaeological sites for archaeological site managers and others charged with the care and stewardship of in situ mosaics in the southern and eastern Mediterranean region. A project of the MOSAIKON Initiative.

MOSAIKON: A Regional Strategy for the Conservation of Mosaics in the Mediterranean
A partnership of the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Foundation, ICCROM, and the International Committee for the Conservation of Mosaics, this project addresses the need for enhanced capacity in the conservation and management of archaeological mosaics in the Mediterranean region through strategic targeting of priorities and deployment of resources.

Museum Lighting Research
This project seeks to reduce the damage to works of art on paper caused by museum lighting through the reevaluation of current illumination guidelines and the testing and design of new lighting. A project of the Managing Collections Environment Initiative.

Outdoor Sculpture
This scientific research project focuses on outdoor painted sculpture and protective coatings for unpainted metal substrates. A project of the Modern and Contemporary Art Research Initiative.

Panel Paintings Initiative
This multi year project—a collaboration of the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Foundation and the J. Paul Getty Museum—will address the need for educational resources and training opportunities in the structural treatment of panel paintings.

Preservation of Photographs and Photograph Collections
The goal of this project is to advance the field of photograph conservation by building the capacity of professionals who care for and manage collections.

Preservation of Plastics
This long-term project aims to rapidly gather information on the properties of a wide range of plastics to understand why certain plastics are more unstable than others, and to establish protocols that help to slow down this process. A project of the Modern and Contemporary Art Research Initiative.

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Recent Advances in Characterizing Asian Lacquer
This workshop series aims to disseminate new procedures developed by the GCI for acquiring detailed compositional information about lacquered objects, with the aim of improving the characterization, understanding and preservation of this material. A project of the Research into Practice Initiative.

Research Into Practice Initiative
A series of ongoing training workshops, colloquia, and similar events to present new scientific advances resulting from research undertaken by the GCI and its partners. Projects in this initiative include Cleaning of Acrylic Painted Surfaces, Recent Advances in Characterizing Asian Lacquer and XRF Boot Camp for Conservators.

Research on the Conservation of Photographs
The goal of this project is to advance techniques for identifying important variations in photographic processes, thereby providing insight into postprocessing chemistry and chemical treatment of photographs.

Researching Florentine Workshop Practice
This project seeks to better understand fourteenth-century Florentine workshop practice and the ways materials chosen by artists working in both panel painting and manuscript illumination impact the present-day appearance, stability, and conservation of these works.

Seismic Retrofitting Project
This project seeks to combine traditional construction techniques and materials with high-tech methodologies to design and test easy-to-implement seismic retrofitting techniques and maintenance programs. A project of the Earthen Architecture Initiative.

Shelters for Archaeological Sites with Mosaics
The goal of this project is to develop and broadly disseminate practical guidelines for sheltering archaeological sites with mosaics. A project of the MOSAIKON Initiative.

Southern African Rock Art Project
This project seeks to strengthen rock art preservation, conservation, accessibility, and management in the Southern African region.

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UCLA/Getty Master's Program on the Conservation of Ethnographic and Archaeological Materials
This program, which awards a master's degree in Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation is a partnership of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA and the J. Paul Getty Trust.

Urban Conservation Planning in Southeast Asia
This project seeks to improve urban conservation practice within Southeast Asia by offering a series of short, intensive, and practical courses for Malaysian urban planners and architects that emphasize internationally recognized urban conservation planning methodologies, including tools and techniques employed in the context of conservation and planning.

Valley of the Queens
The project is a partnership with Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities to develop and implement a conservation and management plan for the Valley of the Queens on the west bank of the Nile.

Wall Paintings Conservation at Mogao Grottoes
The project objective is to design, implement, and disseminate a methodology for the conservation of wall paintings in Cave 85—following the Principles for the Conservation of Heritage Sites in China—that will be adaptable to other cave temples at the Mogao Grottoes and to other Silk Road sites.

XRF Boot Camp for Conservators
A series of focused workshops on the fundamentals of X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and data interpretation. A project of the Research into Practice Initiative.

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Last updated: June 2015