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Conservation Guest Scholars

Through its Conservation Guest Scholar program, the Getty Conservation Institute supports research and the infusion of new ideas and knowledge into the practice of conservation. Since it was established in 2000, the Conservation Guest Scholar program has hosted professionals pursuing research on a wide range of theoretical, scientific, and practical issues relating to the conservation of museum collections, historic and modern architecture, archaeological sites, and cultural landscapes. The diversity of research topics and the broad array of experiences represented by past GCI Guest Scholars have enriched the Institute's own work while adding new knowledge and thinking to the field.

The Guest Scholar program aims to fill a perceived need for opportunities for senior-level professionals to pursue research on topics that can bring new knowledge and fresh perspectives to the field. As Guest Scholars, established conservators, scientists, and professionals in related fields carry out scholarly research during their tenure the GCI. While in residence, Conservation Guest Scholars participate with other Getty scholars, fellows, and interns in the intellectual life of the Getty, making use of research collections at the Getty Center and Villa, and in the greater Los Angeles area.

Conservation Guest Scholars are in residence for either three or six consecutive months between late September and June each year. The residency grant includes a stipend, a workstation at the Conservation Institute, research assistance, airfare to and from Los Angeles, an apartment in the Getty scholar housing complex, and health benefits.

Each year, the GCI selects scholars from a highly competitive international pool of applicants. Applications are welcome from established professionals of all nationalities who have attained distinction in conservation and allied fields. Applicants should have at least five years experience working in the field and an established record of publications and other contributions to the field.

Please note that proposals for lab-based research requiring use of GCI Science staff and laboratories will be considered but are contingent upon the availability of lab facilities and personnel. Scholars should be equipped to carry out most of their own lab research, including the preparation of samples.

While Scholars may request access to the Getty's collections for research purposes, sampling and other interventive activities are not possible.

Proposals for research that contributes to a PhD or other academic degree will not be considered.


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2014–2015 Conservation Guest Scholars

The Getty Conservation Institute is pleased to welcome the 2014–2015 Conservation Guest Scholars, who will be in residence at the GCI starting in September 2014.

Thordis Eva Kristina Arrhenius
Project Title: "Restoring the Welfare State"
January–March 2015

Jon Allison Brewer
Project Title: "Deteriorative Effects of Panel Painting Reinforcements"
January–March 2015

John Andrew Escarsega
Project Title: "Enhanced Coatings for Outdoor Sculptures: Understanding Structure Property Relationships to Formulate Durable Coatings"
January–June 2015

Susanne Grieve
Project Title: "Evaluating Didactic Methods for Delivering Archaeological Conservation Education"
April–June 2015

Anna Laganà
Project Title: "Repairing Transparency: Investigation into Materials and Methods to Restore Damaged Polymethylmethacrylate Objects and Works of Art"
April–June 2015

Frank Matero
Project Title: "Deeply Superficial: The Conservation of the Painted Architectural Surface"
September–December 2014

Ralph Scott Wiegandt
Project Title: "Advancing Daguerreotype Research, Conservation, and Preservation"
September–December 2014

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Conservation Science
(Application period closed)

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The Postdoctoral Fellowship in Conservation Science is a two-year program designed to provide recent PhD recipients in chemistry and the physical sciences with experience in conservation science.

Current and Past Postdoctoral Fellows in Conservation Science

Alessa Gambardella
, PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Collections Research Laboratory, GCI Science.

Andrew Lerwill
, PhD, Nottingham Trent University. Museum Lighting, GCI Science (activation spectra and reciprocity of selected colorants)

Emma Richardson
, PhD, University of Southampton. Modern and Contemporary Art Research Initiative, GCI Science (plastics characterization and deterioration)

Catherine Schmidt
, PhD, Northwestern University. Collections Research Laboratory, GCI Science (fourteenth-century Florentine manuscript illuminations and panel paintings by Pacino di Bonaguida)

Carrie Brindle
, PhD, University of California, Irvine. Canvas Staining and Modern Paints projects, GCI Science

Graduate Internships at the Getty Conservation Institute
(Application period closed)

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Graduate internships support full-time positions for students or recent graduates who intend to pursue careers in fields related to the visual arts. The GCI offers twelve-month residences in the Education, Field Projects, and Science departments. Graduate internships are open to applicants of all nationalities who are either currently enrolled in a graduate program leading to an advanced degree in a field relevant to the internship(s) for which they are applying or who have recently completed a relevant graduate degree.

2014–2015 Graduate Interns

Seyedeh Aresou Ravazi Zadeh
University of Minho, Guimaraes, Portugal
MOSAIKON Alternative Backing Materials

Emilio Roldán Zamarrón
University of Minho, Guimaraes, Portugal
Earthen Architecture Initiative

Catherine Defeyt
Universite de Liege, Belgium
Modern and Contemporary Art Research: Outdoor Painted Sculpture Project

Suzanna Yasemin Etyemez
Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Germany
Preservation of Plastics

Laura Matarese
University of Sydney, Australia
Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative (CMAI) and Contemporary Architecture in the Historic Environment

Last updated: December 2014