Claudia Cancino
In collaboration with Stephen Farneth, Philippe Garnier, Julio Vargas Neumann, and Frederick Webster
68 pages
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From October 28 to November 2, 2007, the GCI, in collaboration with Peruvian institutions, utilized the methodology employed in the Northridge survey to conduct an assessment of historic earthen sites damaged in the August 15, 2007, Pisco earthquake. The survey was organized in response to a request for assistance received by the GCI from the Instituto Nacional de Cultura del Perú (INC, Peruvian National Institute of Culture).

This survey aims to provide information to cultural institutions, owners, and building officials responsible for the preservation of historic earthen sites to help them understand earthquake damage to such sites and to emphasize the need to enhance seismic performance through investment in minimally invasive, locally available, and easy-to-implement technical repair and retrofitting interventions, as well as regular maintenance.

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