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October 26, 2006–April 30, 2007 at the Getty Villa

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Browse reactions of other viewers below. These reactions were submitted to this site between October 19, 2006 and April 19, 2007. The site is now closed to new reactions. The opinions presented here may have been edited and do not reflect the opinions of the Getty.

Posted on 04/19/07 by R. Varenchik, Santa Carita, CA
Stunning Beauty! Is there a way to contribute to the restoration efforts underway in Tunisia?

Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest in the Conservation of Mosaics in Situ project. The project does not accept contributions, but spreading the word about such conservation efforts helps to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting the world's cultural heritage sites.

Posted on 04/07/07 by Khaldoun Balboul, Bethlehem, Palestine
My dream is to visit this exhibition, but I only found out about it today (4/7/2007)!

Posted on 03/01/07 by M. Uszler, San Juan Capistrano, CA
This is a truly marvelous service. I will be going to see these mosaics tomorrow, and your presentation here is a very helpful preparation. I especially enjoyed the commentary. I could look and listen at the same time.

Posted on 02/23/07 by Jule, Los Angeles, CA
During the site conservation video, someone spoke in French and I wished you had a translation of his comments. Otherwise, this teaching device is amazing.

Posted on 01/07/07 by Michael, United Kingdom

Posted on 01/03/07 by Anne Verrier Scatolini, Santa Monica, CA
My students and I from John C. Fremont High School were rapt with wonder at the many layers beneath the facade…an enduring lesson indeed! Thank you!

Posted on 12/18/06 by Sherry Wallis, Houston, TX
As a mosaicist, I am grateful for the chance to see these wonderful pieces. Without your hard work, I'd be unlikely to do so and certainly wouldn't know much about them. Thank you for sharing them.

Posted on 12/12/06 by Bonnie Towles, Florida
The mosaics are quite wonderful, but the videos are too small to view well. It is also unfortunate that the images are not larger nor able to be saved/downloaded for personal (vs. commercial) use and study.

Posted on 12/05/06 by Sean, Detroit, MI
I have never seen such beauty! Even after 23 years of being a journeyman mason, I have never seen such inspiration. Never before has the world experienced what great beginnings we sprout from. The collection most certainly rivals any of Van Gogh's works!

Posted on 11/27/06 by Regina Saum, Camarillo, CA
Extraordinary exhibit. I am a 7th-grade world history teacher at Columbus Middle School (LAUSD). We have recently completed our unit on the Western Roman and Byzantine Empires, and the timing could not have been better. My only regret is I was not able to get a reservation for a field trip in order to expose my student to this magnificent exhibit. My students created fanstatic mosiacs in order to make this history assignment come alive.

Posted on 10/19/06 by Anna Stevens, Los Angeles, CA
It's incredible that these tiny pieces of stone have survived so long and kept their vibrant colors.