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October 30, 2007–January 20, 2008 at the Getty Center

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Posted on 1/14/08 by peter wolf, lake forest, CA
THIS is the kind of exhibition that I come to the Getty for. Forget about the 'politically correct' shows that you believe you have to put on in order to remain 'relevant'. What makes a world-class art museum? World-class exhibitions that can only be found there. Keep showing us the great art of the classical eras.

Posted on 1/14/08 by Ginny Limpus, irving, texas
Our group was departing to another destination from LA but our hostess was so perceptive to include the Getty and Autry museums in the area before we had to depart. Both were fabulous! I was the only one to run through the medieval exhibit but what a joy! Although really rushed, the employees guided us quickly to the exhibition, pointed me in the correct "flow", and charged my postcards so I could see an overview of this important exhibit. I wish to sincerely thank the museum store staffer who enticed me to buy the museum guidebook (on sale) because she would ship it to my home, thus not having to pack it for the trip. It arrived after the trip just like she promised. Thank you.

Posted on 1/12/08 by Theresa Navarro Huntington Beach, CA
I made my first visit to the Getty Center yesterday and was pleasantly surprised and engrossed by the fascinating Medieval Treasures. I'm a devout Catholic and so much of the church's traditions were written all over the artwork. I was most impressed with the Virgin Mary's deathbed painting surrounded by Christ's apostles and Peter wearing the pope tiara. I would only suggest that cell phones be prohibited as it was a major distraction for so lovely an environment. Thanks for sharing the treasures!!!

Posted on 1/12/08 by Liz Champion, West Covina
My daughter goes to UCLA and had to visit the exhibit for one of her classes. On Friday night after we picked her up for the weekend we stopped at the Getty. I'm so very glad that we decided to join her. I loved the exhibition. Especially the ivory Madonna plaque. All I could do was just stare in awe at the wonderful detail and craftmanship that went into the making of this piece. It's been a few years since we've visited the museum but now that I know about Friday nights I think my family is going to make a point of stopping on our way home from UCLA.

Posted on 1/6/08 by Karen B. Amarawansa, Venice, California
I'm so glad I made the trip to see this stunningly beautiful, captivating, and moving exhibition. I was hoping to learn more about Christianity through viewing early Christian art, and I feel that I did indeed. Thank you, Getty Museum, for providing such equisite exhibits for us!

Posted on 1/5/08 by Ian, Northridge, Ca
A fascinating journey through history by way of the art and artistry that has helped preserve Christianity for generations. I was overwhelmed by how many artifacts remain from this era, and was impressed by the detail and craftsmanship of the paintings, sculptures, armor, and other items found within the exhibition. It must be seen to truly experience and appreciate it. Absolutely amazing!

Posted on 12/29/07 by Sue Uland, Lincoln, NE
I have a new appreciation for the person or persons who wrote the wonderful descriptions of these beautiful pieces. This exhibit captured for me the lovely balance of stunning artifacts and quite intensely interesting captioning. Thanks.

Posted on 11/26/07 by Sean O'Brenan, Vancouver, Canada
I like to take a look at your site online before coming down to L.A. for my annual visit. I am always impressed with the care taken to show current events, the use of technology to show what's on to its best advantage and the user friendliness of this site. My interest and excitement are always peaked! Looking forward to seeing all of this in January. Thanks.

Posted on 11/25/07 by Paul Messerle, San Diego, Ca
As an AP Art History teacher at the cusp of actually lecturing on this era in the coming week, I was overjoyed and inspired by this exhibition. I was most impressed by the depth and breadth of the visiting collection. Some have criticized that there was not enough to see, but one cannot feast on everything a collection may offer. The gallery design had an organic flow that was very open, yet had small nooks that invited exploration. These mysterious relics and Byzantine treasures are a sight to behold and experience! We may not live in Europe where experiences like this are more commonplace, but at least we have the Getty to help make these elusive and distant mysteries feel a little more tangible, if only briefly.