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February 21–May 14, 2006 at the Getty Center

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Browse reactions of other viewers below. These reactions were submitted to this site between February 20 and May 14, 2006. The site is now closed to new reactions. The opinions presented here may have been edited and do not reflect the opinions of the Getty.

Posted on 05/04/06 by Miss Lettie, USA
A person who can write and express him- or herself in terms appropriate for describing visual art is invaluable—whether or not I see the painting from the same point of view. A visit to this Web site is a compliment to creative, professional, and expressive writing.

Posted on 04/02/06 by J. Askew, France
The J. Paul Getty Museum and its online services (the e-newsletter) are a reflection of the USA at its best. It is a cut above the other museums. Thank you. I also agree with the idea that the images should be larger.

Posted on 03/31/06 by T. Thedell, San Diego, CA
Wonderful presentation and insightful commentary as I learned more about an important root of landscape painting. Thank you.

Posted on 03/18/06 by G. Yoshida, Hacienda Heights, CA
Time and movement. Courbet's real message is nature's ebb and flow. Even his Lake Geneva scenes sing the temporal song.

Posted on 02/27/06 by Patricia, Los Angeles, CA
I subscribed to your online newsletter and today I looked at the Courbet works. I now want to come and see the exhibition up close and personal. Thank you for the educational aspect of online viewing. I feel enriched, a little more articulate and intelligent and cannot wait to see the show.

Posted on 02/25/06 by L. Pozuelos, Panorama City, CA
These paintings are unbelievable. Gustave Courbet was a great expressionist, using landscapes to depict the themes in his life. I think we all know what he feels when we see his paintings.

Posted on 02/25/06 by R. Patterson, Atlanta, GA
Thank you for making the exhibits available online. It is wonderful to have access from afar. My only suggestion is to make the images larger. Even though the zoom feature is a help, it would be even better if I could see a full screen (or at least larger) image. Again, thanks for making the exhibits available in any format.

Posted on 02/23/06 by Kevin, Anaheim Hills, CA
When I first looked at his work, I thought, "Well, this is good but nothing that amazingly great." But as I kept looking, I started to realize that Courbet painted these with such feeling and captured the essence of what he was looking at. He's meticulous in his skill and I think he is pretty amazing.

Posted on 02/21/06 by S. Kelly, Los Angeles, CA
Landscape painting? Who cares? Or at least I thought I didn't care. I was fortunate to attend the opening and was pleasantly surprised at the power and beauty of his work. It is the modern composition and starkness of his use of color that I found so appealing. He seems to capture that living thing that is so visceral and yet that eludes most landscape paintings.

When you start paying more attention to the craftsmanship of the ornate and gilded frames of these paintings and less about the thing in the middle you know something is missing. But in Courbet's case you almost forget that they are there.

Posted on 02/20/06 by C. Stark, Los Angeles, CA
Courbet was edgy for his time. But are his paintings really that dark?