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June 14–September 3, 2007 at the Getty Villa

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Posted on 9/3/07 by Danielle, Burley, ID
I visited this exhibit when it first opened in June. SO COOL! I loved it. I enjoyed the whole entire Getty Villa. I wish I lived closer so I could go all the time.

Posted on 8/3/07 by Lindsay Wilson, SF
I have only seen what is on this Web site. However, I lived in Kerch, Crimea for a year. I saw old Greek ruins there that were fascinating. I also read a book called The Black Sea, on the Greek and many other cultures in this area. I would love to see this exhibit. Is it scheduled to come to San Francisco!?

Editor's Note: Unfortunately, the exhibition will only be on view at the Getty Villa.

Posted on 7/26/07 by Bruce W. Johnson, Orange, CA
My wife and I had a chance to visit the Villa yesterday after reading about the Bosporan Kingdom and your exhibit in the Los Angeles Times. Little did I suspect the beauty and interesting ancient history of the region that unfolded before our eyes on the second floor. I was fortunate to visit the Hermitage Museum in 1965 and noted the ornate gold and jewelry of the early Byzantium (Turkish) empire an wondered where all this wealth came from? Nothing at that time mentioned the Scythians and the Greeks in that area. What a wonderful exhibit! Congratulations! Thank to the Getty Trust or we would have never known this treasure.

Posted on 7/7/07 by Phil Peterson, Corona, California
This amazing exhibit really changed my life! I now have a profound respect for Communism, Marx, Lennon, and all the rest of the Ruskies. I am shaking with excitement even now as I think back on that eventful day, while frolicking in the Villa, and gawking at the Hermitage stuff. Wow!

Posted on 06/18/07 by Carla Hanzlik, Seal Beach
My husband and I were captivated by the beautiful items in this exhibit. The gold jewelry takes your breath away with its fine detail and craftsmanship. If you can't get to the Hermitage to see them, you certainly should make your way to Malibu.

Posted on 6/7/07 by T. Gawa, Los Angeles
The Gold Vessel with Scenes of Scythians seems so personal. Is it possible that this vessel, which must have been very expensive, was custom made for the woman with whom it was buried? It almost looks as though one of the figures repeats in a couple of scenes and may be the same character. Some archaeologists like to speculate and infer stories for objects such as this which portray compelling scenes. Could the figure have been the husband of the woman who was buried with this vessel? One might imagine that he was both a warrior and a healer. Or maybe the scenes relate a popular figure from story or legend of that distant time and place?