The charts and maps below offer a quick visual overview of what is contained in the databases. The quantity and scope of research material that is available varies by region, period, and type of document.

As new material is entered into the databases, these charts and maps will be updated.

Content Overview

The first chart below indicates the number of records contained in each database. The second chart is an overview of the Archival Inventories and Sales Catalogs databases by region and period.

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Archival Inventories

Archival inventories are legal documents from private and public archives that list objects from a household. The inventories in this database list works of art from private collections. The charts and maps below provide an overview of inventories contained in the Getty Provenance Index® databases.

Dutch Inventories

Origin of Dutch Inventories

French Inventories

Origin of French Inventories

Italian Inventories

Origin of Italian Inventories

Spanish Inventories

Origin of Spanish Inventories

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Sales Catalogs

Typically published by auction houses and dealers, sales catalogs list works of art for public auction. The charts below provide an overview of sales catalogs contained in the Getty Provenance Index® databases.

British Sales Catalogs

Belgian Sales Catalogs

Dutch, German, and Scandinavian Sales Catalogs

French Sales Catalogs

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