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Unstable Strategies VI:
Writing the History of Art Now

Thursday, March 17, and Friday, March 18, 2005

The Getty Research Institute

Catherwood/Idol and Alter at Copan
Today's students of the history of art are confronted by a discipline recently opened up to a much wider range of methods, approaches, and interpretive frameworks than existed only thirty years ago. In the wake of post-structuralism, the social history of art, and cultural studies, the field today finds itself beneficially influenced by ideas from history, literary studies, anthropology, and identity politics; at the same time, art historians are increasingly looking back to the theoretical foundations of their own discipline—including a renewed interest in formalism—in order to arrive at a more thoroughly visual approach to works of art. As they are often compelled to present themselves to the profession with some kind of methodological alliance, students may find it useful and thought-provoking to discuss their work and its broader art historical implications with their peers.

The two-day workshop will provide twelve advanced doctoral candidates with an opportunity to present their work to each other and to two senior professors in the discipline. Participants will discuss not only the significance of their individual projects, but also how they might position their work within an increasingly pluralistic professional world.

The Getty Research Institute will provide accommodations and meals for participants, but no travel funds are available.

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