Art Bound February 2021
  Art and Curiosity Cabinets of the Late Renaissance

Art and Curiosity Cabinets of the Late Renaissance: A Contribution to the History of Collecting

Julius von Schlosser
Edited by Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann
Translation by Jonathan Blower

For the first time, the pioneering book that launched the study of art and curiosity cabinets is available in English.

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  Visualizing Empire

Visualizing Empire: Africa, Europe, and the Politics of Representation

Edited by Rebecca Peabody, Steven Nelson, and Dominic Thomas

An exploration of how an official French visual culture normalized France's colonial project and exposed citizens and subjects to racialized ideas of life in the empire.

"This collection of essays shows how images of France's colonies were conveyed through photographs, maps, postcards, and even children's games—and how these shaped ideas about race and colonised peoples."

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  Samuel van Hoogstraten’s Introduction to the Academy of Painting; or, The Visible World

Samuel van Hoogstraten's Introduction to the Academy of Painting; or, The Visible World

Samuel van Hoogstraten
Edited by Celeste Brusati
Translation by Jaap Jacobs

A unique seventeenth-century account of painting as it was practiced, taught, and discussed during a period of extraordinary artistic and intellectual ferment in the Netherlands.

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