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Penetrating Vision: Jean Fouquet and the Art of Portraiture (lecture)

Date: Thursday, September 18, 2008
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Getty Center, Museum Lecture Hall
Admission: Free; reservations required. Call (310) 440-7300 or use the "Make Reservation" button below.

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The most important French painter of the 1400s and a favorite at the French court, Jean Fouquet enjoyed acclaim even during his lifetime for his ability to "render a perfect likeness." His realistic portraits advertised the status of his sitters, who included royalty, courtiers, even the king's mistress. Fouquet's vivid, luminous portraits continue to captivate us six centuries later with their astonishing realism, evocative details, and astoundingly fine brushwork.

Art historian Erik Inglis discusses Fouquet's portraits, two of which are featured in the current manuscripts exhibition Faces of Power and Piety: Medieval Portraiture. He reveals what made Fouquet's portraits so innovative and psychologically powerful and explains how the artist helped to shape French national identity after the Hundred Years' War, the turbulent conflict that gave rise to a new sense of French nationalism.

About Erik Inglis
Erik Inglis is professor of art history at Oberlin College and an expert in medieval and early Renaissance portraiture. He is the author of the new book Faces of Power and Piety, the companion volume to the exhibition, which explores how medieval portraitists downplayed physical features in order to capture how their subjects wished to be remembered for the ages. Inglis is currently at work on a book titled Jean Fouquet and the Invention of France: Art and Nation after the Hundred Years War, which explores how Fouquet's art helped France develop a national identity.

Simon de Varie / Fouquet

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