Heaven and Earth: Art of Byzantium from Greek Collections

Date: Daily through August 25, 2014,
Location: Museum, Floor 2, Getty Villa

Admission is free. An advanced timed-entry ticket is required.

Byzantine artists drew from pagan and early Christian foundations to fashion the opulent and deeply spiritual world of Byzantium (A.D. 330–1453). The establishment of Christianity as the state religion inspired the creation of luminous icons, textiles, architectural sculptures, frescoes, and mosaics to adorn basilicas throughout the empire. Prosperous monasteries produced illuminated manuscripts and preserved the legacy of ancient Greek literature, while private patronage fostered the embellishment of daily life. Nearly two hundred objects, exclusively from Greek collections, display the distinctive Byzantine aesthetic that influenced the artistic traditions of neighboring cultures for over a millennium. The exhibition was organized by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Athens, with the collaboration of the Benaki Museum, Athens, in association with the J. Paul Getty Museum and the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

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