Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wed, Sep 17, 2014

The Getty Center

View of the Getty Center
  • Garden Tour

    11:30 am, 12:30 pm, 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm
    Getty Center

    The gardens of the Getty are the focus of this 45-minute tour. Meet the docent outsideat the bench under the sycamore trees near the front entrance to the Museum.

  • Architecture Tour

    10:15 am, 11 am, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4 pm
    Museum Entrance Hall, Getty Center

    Discover more about Richard Meier's architecture and the design of the Getty Center site in this 45-minute tour. Meet the docent outside at the bench under the sycamore trees near the front entrance to the Museum.

  • Collection Highlights Tour

    11 am
    Museum Galleries, Getty Center

    This one-hour tour provides an overview of major works from the Museum's collection. Meet the educator at the Information Desk.

  • Focus Tour: Era of Impressionism

    Daily, September 2 - October 5, 2014
    12:30 pm
    Museum Galleries, Getty Center

    Explore the Getty's collection of 19th-century paintings by artists such as Millet, Monet, and Van Gogh in this one-hour tour. The talk may also include examples of sculpture, photographs, or drawings. Meet the docent at the Information Desk.

  • Collection Highlights Tour

    Daily, September 2 - October 19, 2014
    1:30 pm
    Museum Galleries, Getty Center

    This one-hour tour provides an overview of major works from the Museum's collection. Meet the educator at the Information Desk.

  • Curator's Gallery Talk

    Wednesday September 17, 2014
    2:30 pm
    Museum Galleries, Getty Center

    Edouard Kopp, associate curator of drawings, the J. Paul Getty Museum, leads a gallery talk on the exhibition Rococo to Revolution: 18th-Century drawings from Los Angeles Collections. Meet under the stairs in the Museum Entrance Hall.

  • The Life of Art: Context, Collecting, and Display


    South Pavilion, Plaza Level, Getty Center

    From the time an object is made until the day it enters a museum's collection, it may be displayed, used, and perceived in different ways. The Life of Art takes selected objects from the Getty Museum's galleries and encourages visitors to sit down and spend time with them, offering the opportunity to examine them closely to understand how they were made and functioned, why they were collected, and how they have been displayed. Through careful looking, what may be learned about the maker and previous owners of a French gilt-bronze wall light, for example, or the transformation in England of a Chinese porcelain bowl? Close engagement reveals the full lives of these works and why they continue to be collected and cherished today.

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  • Rococo to Revolution: 18th-Century French Drawings from Los Angeles Collections

    Daily through September 21, 2014

    West Pavilion, Plaza Level, Getty Center

    This exhibition celebrates the art of drawing in France from the death of Louis XIV, in 1715, to the Revolution of 1789. During this period, when inventiveness was greatly valued, drawing exemplified the creative impulse perhaps more than any other artistic medium, contributing decisively to an aesthetic evolution from the decorative exuberance of the Rococo style to the linear austerity of Neoclassicism. The exhibition showcases works from the J. Paul Getty Museum and from distinguished private Los Angeles collections by such artists as François Boucher, Jacques-Louis David, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Jean-Baptiste Greuze, and Jean-Antoine Watteau.

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  • Minor White: Manifestations of the Spirit

    Daily through October 19, 2014

    West Pavilion, Lower Level, Getty Center

    Controversial, misunderstood, and sometimes overlooked, Minor White (American 1908–1976) was one of the great photographers of the twentieth century. His photographs demonstrate an understanding of the aesthetic and technical aspects of photography as well as its potential to be a medium of spiritual transformation. White's work as an artist, teacher, editor, and critic exerted a powerful influence on a generation of photographers and still resonates today. This retrospective exhibition features White's masterpiece, the eleven-print sequence Sound of One Hand (1965).

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  • Convergences: Selected Photographs from the Permanent Collection

    Daily through October 19, 2014

    West Pavilion, Lower Level, Getty Center

    By juxtaposing contemporary and historical photographs from the permanent collection, this exhibition proposes points of intersection between works created in response to shifting technical developments and aesthetic concerns. Whether related by direct influence or visual affinities of a more tenuous nature, groupings of images reveal the rich diversity of photographic approaches to subjects that have engaged photographers for the past century. Recent acquisitions by Vera Lutter, Loretta Lux, Scott McFarland, Yasumasa Morimura, Cindy Sherman, and James Welling, among others, are featured.

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  • Chivalry in the Middle Ages

    Daily through November 30, 2014

    North Pavilion, Plaza Level, Getty Center

    Our popular understanding of the Middle Ages—with visions of damsels in distress and knights in shining armor—is dominated by the romantic ideals of chivalry. Manuscripts from the period reveal that the codes of behavior associated with chivalry permeated nearly every aspect of aristocratic life, from fighting techniques to courtly love. Drawn from the Getty Museum's permanent collection, this exhibition explores how elite members of medieval society practiced the chivalric arts to demonstrate their affluence and sophistication.

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  • In Focus: Tokyo

    Daily, August 5 - December 14, 2014

    West Pavilion, Lower Level, Getty Center

    Although a kaleidoscopic vision would seem to be required to represent the hyperreal megalopolis of Tokyo, the four Japanese photographers in this exhibition have found a way to portray their city at a human scale. Mikiko Hara adopts a quiet, daylit, snapshot style for spontaneous portraits of her young contemporaries; Daido Moriyama haunts the burgeoning neighborhood of Shinjuku for fragments of nightlife; Shigeichi Nagano observes the interactions of community within a perpetually rebuilt environment; and Masato Seto focuses on the hard-won leisure of local couples escaping the cramped quarters of high-rise living.

  • Yvonne Rainer: Dances and Films

    Daily through October 12, 2014

    Research Institute Galleries I and II, Getty Center

    Dancer, choreographer, filmmaker, and writer Yvonne Rainer is one of the most influential artistic figures of the last 50 years, not only in the fields of dance and cinema but in other artistic movements such as minimalism, conceptual art, feminist art, and postmodernism. Drawn from Rainer's archive at the Getty Research Institute, this exhibition surveys her major dance, film, and performance works through a lively array of photographs, scores, journals, ephemera, and audiovisual presentations.

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The Getty Villa

View of the Getty Villa

Admission is free. An advanced timed-entry ticket is required.

  • Bronze Portrait of Tiberius

    Daily through September 22, 2014
    Museum, Floor 2, Getty Villa

    Following a year-long conservation project and subsequent exhibition, this over-life size bronze portrait of Tiberius from Herculaneum remains on view at the Getty Villa. Marking the two thousandth anniversary of Tiberius's accession as Emperor, the statue is displayed in a gallery devoted to Men in Antiquity (209). There he stands in the company of busts of other Roman emperors, including his predecessor Augustus and successor Caligula.

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