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Translation of Inleyding tot de Hooge Schoole der Schilderkonst, Samuel van Hoogstraten, (Rotterdam, 1678)

Grant Period: November 2011–November 2015

Self-portrait of Samuel van Hoogstraten / van Hoogstraten
This award will offset the translation costs for the forthcoming Getty Research Institute publication, Introduction to the Academy of Painting, by Rembrandt pupil Samuel van Hoogstraten (Dordrecht, 1627–1678). One of the few handbooks on painting published in Holland in the 17th century, this ambitious account of Dutch art, theory, practice, and pedagogy is rich in firsthand anecdotes including much about Rembrandt at work. The translation is crucial for information on painting technique and of utmost interest for conservators.

This publication is part of the Research Institute's Texts & Documents series, which features translations of classic works on architecture and art history.