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This two-day symposium explores the history of surrealist ideas and practices in Latin America.

Day One: Friday, June 25, 2010

 Welcome and Opening Remarks (14:50)
Thomas Gaehtgens, Getty Research Institute
Rita Eder, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Session I
Surrealist Encounters in the New World: Pre-Columbian and North West Coast Art

 Rita Eder (34:23), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Benjamin Péret and Paul Westheim: Surrealism and Other Genealogies in the Land of the Aztecs

 Amy H. Winter (33:17), Godwin-Ternbach Museum
Wolfgang Paalen's Mesoamerican Collections and Writings and the "New" Art, circa 1940–45

 Conversation moderated by Dawn Ades (19:48), University of Essex

 Andreas Neufert (29:20), Paalen Archiv Berlin
The Totem as a Sphinx: Wolfgang Paalen's Urgent Illuminations during His Voyage into Mexican Exile in 1939

 Daniel Garza Usabiaga (31:28), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
El Hijo Pródigo: Surrealist Traits and a Comparison with Dyn

 Conversation moderated by Dawn Ades (22:48), University of Essex

Session II
Surrealist Love Letters: The Art and Poetry of César Moro

 Dawn Ades (37:47), University of Essex
César Moro and Surrealism in Latin America

 Yolanda Westphalen (29:32), Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos
Soma and Sema: Poetry of the Body in the Love Letters of César Moro

 Kent L. Dickson (27:49), California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
A Language of Stones: César Moro and the Object

 Conversation moderated by Annette Leddy (20:31), Getty Research Institute

Day Two: Saturday, June 26, 2010

 Welcome by Rebecca Peabody (2:07), Getty Research Institute

 Collections Overview, John Tain (7:45), Getty Research Institute

Session III
The Surrealism Effect: Legacies and Reception in Art, Literature and Politics

 María Clara Bernal (23:44), Universidad de los Andes
André Breton's Anthology of Freedom: Le Pouvoir Contagieux de la Révolte

 Terri Geis (34:49), Los Angeles County Museum of Art
I Believed That I Long Dreamed I Was Free: Maria Martins and Surrealism in the 1940s

 Conversation moderated by Donna Conwell (28:55), Getty Research Institute

 Matías Ayala (26:49), Universidad Alberto Hurtado
The Photographic Legacy of Surrealism in Late-Twentieth-Century Chilean Poetry

 Andrea Giunta (30:26), University of Texas at Austin
After-Images of Argentinean Surrealism

 Conversation moderated by Graciela Speranza (25:24), Universidad de Buenos Aires

 Gavin Parkinson (32:01), the Courtauld Institute of Art
Sixties: Julio Cortázar's Narrative and the Imagery of Surrealist Art

 Graciela Speranza (34:24), Universidad de Buenos Aires
Wanderers: Surrealist Legacy in Latin American Contemporary Art and Fiction

 Conversation and Closing Remarks moderated by Rita Eder (42:41), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México