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Cultural Inheritance/LA: A Resource Directory of Less-Visible Archives and Collections in the Los Angeles Region, produced by the L.A. as Subject advisory forum, and published by the Getty Research Institute, combines the academic expertise of scholars studying Los Angeles and the experience of community practitioners, historians, and planners into a resource that provides new information on the material culture of the Los Angeles region.

Cultural Inheritance/LA is the product of research that surveyed the archival and collections holdings of a cross-section of organizations, universities, and institutions representing diverse sectors, communities, and cultures in the Los Angeles region. This research was informed by an advisory forum of archivists, planners, community activists, and local scholars who contributed their expertise to the content development of the directory. Cultural Inheritance/LA is a conventional publication with companion online access. It includes 178 records that profile diverse archives and collections representing the cultural inheritance of the Los Angeles region. Cultural Inheritance/LA was released to the public in June 1999, in conjunction with the symposium "Mapping LA: A Global Prototype".

To support research for the directory, a Resource Databank was created in 1995-1996 to capture the names, contact information, and collection descriptions of resources on Los Angeles to be used in the directory. Additionally, a bibliography of English language articles and dissertations on a wide ariety of Los Angeles topics was catpured in the databank, a subset of which can be found in the bibliography of Cultural Inheritance/LA.

As a resource tool Cultural Inheritance/LA is intended to stimulate new inquiry, scholarship, and artistic production relating to the Los Angeles region. One of the major objectives of the L.A. as Subject research has been to shed light upon archives and collections that have not been privileged in the past, or in some contexts simply not known. The only such directory of its type, Cultural Inheritance/LA contributed to the process of encouraging institutions, scholars, and the general public to value and use, in new ways, the diverse material culture that so richly represents the heritage of the Los Angeles region. Culture Inheritance/LA, which is no longer available in print, was a public-benefit resource made available to the public at no chare by the Getty Research Institute. It is now publicly accessible and continuously updated and expanded as an online directory at www.usc.edu/arc/lasubject.

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