Guidelines for Requesting Loans of Art Objects from the J. Paul Getty Museum

Written requests for loans from the collections of the J. Paul Getty Museum must be submitted with exact opening and closing dates for the exhibition well in advance of but no later than the following deadlines. Also requests for additions or substitutions to the loan list will not be considered unless they are submitted no later than the following deadlines.

Decorative Arts
6 months in advance of the opening date
(Note: a loan of multiple objects may require a longer lead time.)
1-29 objects: 9 months in advance of the opening date
30+ objects: 12 months in advance of the opening date
Objects co-owned with other institutions
1-9 objects: 12 months in advance of the opening date
10+ objects: 15 months in advance of the opening date
If the Getty Museum agrees to consider a loan request, a facility report (the 2008 American Association of Museums General Facility Report or equivalent in English) is required for all venues. For photograph loans, no more than 3 venues, each 20 weeks or less, are permitted. For drawing loans, no more than 1 venue of 20 weeks or less is permitted. Venue limits for other types of loan objects will be determined on a case by case basis.

All venues must have previously organized and hosted at least one exhibition containing loans borrowed from one or more public or private collections. In addition, if the object requested is made of climate-sensitive materials, all galleries where the loan is to be displayed must have been open to the public at least one year.

All venues must have 24-hour temperature and humidity control systems that maintain conditions required by the object to be lent. For some types of objects which require specific and highly controlled conditions, micro-climates are acceptable and may be required.

All venues must be able to control light levels to meet the requirements of the object to be lent.

All venues must have fire detection systems, security alarm systems and 24-hour human guard security.

All venues must sign the Getty Museum's Loan Conditions and Agreement form.

Paintings, drawings, manuscript leaves and photographs are shipped in Getty Museum frames. For photograph loans, the opportunity to select from the Getty's frame inventory is possible if arranged at least 7 months in advance of the opening date. Three-dimensional objects are shipped with Getty Museum mounts unless the Getty Museum approves the borrower's mounts.

The borrower will be responsible for packing, shipping, insurance and courier costs.

The Getty Museum will not lend an object if its display is necessary to maintain the integrity of the Getty Museum's own gallery installation or exhibition program. It will also not lend objects that cannot withstand the rigors of travel or are subject to over-exposure because of previous exhibition history.

The Getty Museum typically lends only to public or private museums and other accredited institutions.

Loan requests are to be directed to the Director:

Timothy Potts
The J. Paul Getty Museum
1200 Getty Center Drive
Suite 1000
Los Angeles, CA 90049