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A C C E S S   T O   C O L L E C T I O N S

  SFMOMA’s OSCI catalogue SFMOMA's OSCI catalogue, The Rauschenberg Research Project, displayed on an iPad.

SFMOMA Releases OSCI Catalogue on Robert Rauschenberg

Thanks to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)'s new online collection catalogue on the early work of Robert Rauschenberg, scholars and art lovers around the world are now only a click away from free online access to the equivalent of 600+ printed pages of new research, pictures, and multimedia content. The publication is the latest in a series of online collection catalogues supported by the Getty Foundation as part of the Online Scholarly Catalogue Initiative, a group of nine museums working together to create models for collection catalogues in the online environment. Other digital publications released to date include Tate's catalogue of The Camden Town Group and the Art Institute of Chicago's prototype catalogues of works by Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. In addition to adding substantial new scholarship to our understanding of Rauschenberg's art and working methods, the SFMOMA OSCI catalogue includes interactive images, audio/visual clips, and in-depth conservation documentation and research. For a closer look at all of these features and more, check out this blog post prepared for the Getty Iris as part of a recent social media campaign highlighting the new SFMOMA catalogue and OSCI in general. And then go explore the catalogue for yourself!

A R T   H I S T O R Y

  Connecting Art Histories seminar in Florence Chinese scholars participating in the recent Connecting Art Histories seminar in Florence.

Connecting Art Histories Workshop Brings Chinese Scholars to Renaissance Florence

A group of sixteen scholars from all over China who teach Renaissance Art are finally seeing glorious Italian masterworks in person and exchanging new ideas about art history with one another, as part of the Foundation's Connecting Art Histories grant initiative. A grant to Harvard University's Villa I Tatti research center resulted in a three-week seminar for Chinese art historians, curators, PhD students, and architects in Florence that just ended. The program focused on the unity of the arts in Renaissance Italy, drawing on Vasari's concept of disegno as an underlying principle of design and drawing that unites and underlies all arts. Throughout the seminar participants met at I Tatti to discuss readings and conduct research, while also spending time each week in the city's numerous museums, churches, piazzas, and monuments on site visits with former I Tatti research fellows. Given the Foundation's aim of using the Connecting Art Histories initiative to increase intellectual exchange across regional and national borders, the I Tatti program succeeded in connecting Chinese scholars—who have often worked in isolation even within their own country—with one another and with colleagues in the West. More information about the program and the selected participants is available on I Tatti's website.


  Multicultural Undergraduate Interns Karla Diaz of Slanguage leads an 2013 Arts Summit career session about art and community engagement.

Multicultural Undergraduate Interns Attend Annual Arts Summit

On July 1 the Foundation welcomed 120 Multicultural Undergraduate Interns to the Getty Center for this summer's Arts Summit. Participants were treated to a full day of career sessions, behind-the-scenes tours, and a special keynote address by prominent Los-Angeles based artist Mark Bradford. Bradford was also an intern in 1994, the second year of the program, so interns enjoyed hearing how that experience helped shaped his awareness of the arts in Los Angeles and his own career path. At the end of the day Getty intern Ashley Hansack said: ”Before Arts Summit, I had been exposed to different jobs in museums, but I did not recognize the full scope of career options that are available in the visual arts. The program gave me a new perspective and an energized attitude to explore career paths I hadn't considered.“ Getty interns will continue their work at museums and visual arts organizations across Los Angeles County over the next month. Visit the Foundation's website to learn more about the Multicultural Undergraduate Internship program, which is offered every summer.
  Nagaur Fort interior, after conservation Nagaur Fort interior, after conservation. Image by Neil Greentree.

Awards and Recognition for Getty Grants

The Strawberry Hill Trust was recently awarded the prestigious Europa Nostra Grand Prize in Conservation for its restoration of Horace Walpole's ”little gothic castle,“ which was supported by Getty Foundation planning and implementation grants. More details on the award can be found on the trust's website.

The 12th century Nagaur Fort in Rajasthan, India is among 20 finalists being considered for the 2013 Aga Khan Award for Architecture. Conservation of the fort was supported by a series of Getty grants, and the project was shortlisted from among 800 nominations. The final award recipient will be announced in September.


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