The next deadline to apply for this grant is October 15, 2014. Detailed application instructions and a link to the form will be available mid-August. See below for information on proposal requirements.

Getty Library Research Grants provide partial, short-term support for costs relating to travel and living expenses to scholars whose research requires use of specific collections housed in the Getty Research Institute. A Library Research Grant is not a prerequisite for obtaining access to the Research Library.

Library Research Grants are intended for scholars of all nationalities and at any level who demonstrate a compelling need to use materials housed in the Research Library, and whose place of residence is more than eighty miles from the Getty Center. Projects must relate to specific items in the library collection. (To search the collections, please consult the Research Library's Search Tools and Databases.)

Library Research Grants are intended to provide partial support for costs relating to travel and living expenses. Grants range from $500 to $2,500, depending on the distance traveled. The research period may range from several days to a maximum of three months. These terms apply as of July 2014 and are subject to future changes.

Application Availability and Deadline
Complete application materials are now accepted through an online application process only. A link to the form will be available mid-August. The next deadline for these grants is October 15, 2014.

Applicants are notified of the Research Institute's decision approximately six weeks to two months following the deadline.

Unsuccessful applicants are still welcome to use the Research Library in accordance with its access policy.

For Research Library appointments and reference assistance, please call (310) 440-7390 or contact the GRI.

Special Information on the Photo Archive

The grant selection committee welcomes applications for researchers wishing to consult the Getty Research Institute's unique resources such as the Photo Archive. The Photo Archive's two million photographs of works of art and architecture provide opportunities for original pictorial research in the fine arts, including the history of photography. For more information, visit the Photo Archive Web page.

How To Apply

Applicants will be required to complete and submit an online Library Research Grant application form, which will be available here by mid-August. The application also requires the following attachments: 1) Project Proposal (3 pages) describing your proposed research project; an explanation of your project's current state of development (that is, a new project, a work in progress, a project nearing completion) and a description of what you expect to accomplish at the Research Library; 2) Curriculum Vitae; 3) Selected Bibliography of Research Library Collections you wish to consult, citing collections or other resources housed in the Research Library that are important to your proposed research project and that you wish to consult during your visit; 4) Proposed Estimated Travel Costs, including a breakdown of your estimated expenses to assist us in making equitable decisions for partial support to those scholars who have been awarded grants; and 5) two confidential Letters of Recommendation.

Please address inquiries to:

Attn: Library Research Grants
The Getty Foundation
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90049-1685

Phone: (310) 440-7374
Fax (inquiries only): (310) 440-7703

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