Below are short descriptions of the OSCI catalogues released to date, with links to explore these scholarly resources further. Some catalogues are not optimized for Internet Explorer, so we recommend viewing with alternate browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

Art Institute of Chicago

Monet, Art Institute of Chicago
In fall 2011, the Art Institute of Chicago released a prototype of its OSCI publication on Impressionist masterpieces by Monet and Renoir that includes several sample entries. Now the full Monet and Renoir catalogues are live and users can explore the catalogues' unique features, which include zoom-able images; conservation documentation, such as interactive x-ray filters that show how the artists changed their paintings in early stages; and a customized citation tool for researchers. Explore the catalogue...

Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

The Freer/Sackler catalogue builds on the recently acquired Gerhard Pulverer Collection of Japanese illustrated books, one of the most important collections of these hand-made works of art. Their publication focuses on artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760- 1849), whose work had a dramatic influence on European and American modern artists. The catalogue's special features include a "digital study room" that allows readers to save their annotations, notes, searches, and favorites in their own password protected part of the site. The team also made sure that the collection material is searchable in both English and Japanese. Explore the catalogue...

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

LACMA back of head
Focusing on 34 highlights from the museum's extraordinary collection of Southeast Asian art, LACMA's OSCI catalogue was published in fall 2013. Included are detailed entries, numerous high-resolution images, technical analyses related to conservation, and extended scholarly essays on such topics such as female deities in Cambodian and Indonesian art, and the impact of Buddhism on Sri Lankan and Southeast Asian art. Designed for scholarly audiences, this first of LACMA's planned online catalogues provides an in-depth, web-based reading experience that goes beyond a print publication. Features include videos, ways to rotate and enlarge images of select objects, and an easy online citation tool. Explore the catalogue...

The National Gallery of Art (NGA)

In spring 2014 the NGA released its OSCI publication, an updated and expanded digital version of Arthur Wheelock Jr.'s Dutch Paintings of the Seventeenth Century. Among its special features are a sophisticated image comparison tool, a customized reading environment, and new multimedia content, including a series of video tours of the NGA's Dutch paintings galleries led by Wheelock. The OSCI publication is the first release for NGA Online Editions, an ongoing effort that will provide access to the most current in-depth information on the Gallery's collections along with smart tools for citing, comparing, sharing, exporting, viewing, printing, and storing texts and images. Explore the catalogue...

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)

Screenshot of SFMOMA catalogue
SFMOMA released its completed OSCI publication, The Rauschenberg Research Project, in summer 2013. The catalogue provides access to the equivalent of 600+ print pages of new research, vibrant illustrations, and multimedia content about the celebrated artist Robert Rauschenberg. Users can watch video clips of the artist talking about how iconic artworks were created, view annotated images that show how the artist altered some of his most famous pieces after they were initially exhibited, and read curatorial documents that were previously difficult to access, such as detailed correspondence revealing the artist's secret "recipe" for tinting collaged fabric. Explore the catalogue...

Seattle Art Museum

SAM kj screen grab
Seattle Art Museum launched its OSCI publication on 152 Chinese paintings and calligraphy in fall 2013. One of the premier collections of Chinese art in North America, the material had not previously been studied in depth and was largely unpublished. The new online catalogue contains a detailed assessment of each object, new photography, in-depth comparative research, and essays from experts. The works' inscriptions and seals, of critical historic and artistic significance, were also fully translated, a feature rarely available in traditional print catalogues. The zoom function provides visitors with astonishing visual detail, and users can also create their own collections of favorite works, as well as add comments in a discussion thread. Since many of these scrolls are not regularly opened and on public view, the new online catalogue is providing unprecedented access to these works. Explore the catalogue...


In fall 2012, Tate completed its OSCI publication on the British Post-Impressionist circle known as the Camden Town Group, which included artists Spencer Gore, Harold Gilman, and Walter Sickert. In addition to detailed entries for individual works in their collection, Tate's catalogue includes a wide-ranging selection of research material that elucidates the artists' relationship to their social and cultural context, as well their individual working methods. Highlights include correspondence, sketches, film clips from the period, and even audio files of popular music hall songs that would have been played at venues depicted by the Camden Town Group artists.
Explore the catalogue...

Walker Art Center

Walker's OSCI publication
In summer 2014 the Walker released its OSCI publication On Performativity, an exploration of performance-based work in the museum's collections, including unique pieces commissioned by the Walker, and its relationship to the visual arts. The volume features new essays by leading scholars that integrate video, audio, still images, and archival material—all in a crisp, responsive-design environment that adapts to your viewing device. The publication is the first volume in the Living Collections Catalogue, a larger series that will examine selected material in the permanent collection thematically.
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