Connecting Art Histories
Increasing intellectual exchange among scholars internationally

Digital Art History
Art historians explore the opportunities and challenges of new technologies

Getty/ACLS Postdoctoral Fellowships
Non-residential grants for art historical research

Pacific Standard Time
A Getty-led collaboration with arts organizations across Southern California

The Paper Project
Prints and drawings curatorship in the 21st century

Conserving Canvas
Expanding knowledge and skills for the structural care of paintings on canvas

Keeping It Modern
Architectural conservation grants for 20th century buildings around the world

Improving the care of ancient mosaics in the Mediterranean region

Getty Leadership Institute at CGU
Professional development for current and future museum leaders

Getty Marrow Undergraduate Internships
Summer internships in museums and visual arts organizations in Los Angeles

Graduate Internships
Advanced internships at the Getty Center

Connecting Professionals/Sharing Expertise
Grants to professional organizations serving art historians, conservators, and museum professionals