Grades/Level: Middle School (6–8), High School (9–12)
Subjects: Visual Arts, English–Language Arts
Time Required: Short Activity
20 minutes
Author: J. Paul Getty Museum Education Staff

Activity Overview

This discussion activity asks basic questions to get students to think about what they saw and learned at the Getty Museum. Students describe a memorable work of art from their visit. They discuss with classmates what makes art interesting to them.

Learning Objectives

Students take a moment to reflect on their Getty Museum visit and express what aspect of the trip was most memorable to them. Other students benefit from discussing the collective memories of the group.


Activity Steps

1. Download and make enough copies of the "Time to Reflect" worksheet for each student.

2. Students can discuss the questions on the worksheet in pairs or as a group. They also can write out their responses individually.

3. Discuss responses as a larger group. Ask students follow-up questions such as:

  • What were some similarities in experiences and memories?
  • What were some differences?
  • What would you recommend to family or friends visiting the Getty Museum for the first time?

4. After finishing the worksheet, students can extend their Getty experience. Assign them a favorite work of art to explore from the Museum's Collection online.