Thérèse Makes a Tapestry

Thérèse Makes a Tapestry

Written by Alexandra S. D. Hinrichs
Illustrated by Renée Graef

During the reign of King Louis XIV, a girl named Thérèse works in the famous Gobelins Manufactory, winding yarn while dreaming of weaving on one of the great looms. An unusual gift from her father and a surprise visit by the king sets the story in motion, and sends Thérèse throughout the manufactory as she creates a tapestry suitable for a king. The skilled work of dyeing wool, spinning yarn, preparing a loom, transferring the tapestry design, and weaving the final product are all expertly and playfully illustrated in this charming book.

Interest Level: Ages 6-10 | Lexile® measure: 740L | Genre: Picture book | Themes: Coming-of-age, tapestry weaving

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  • Mobilier national history of the Gobelins
    Read about the Gobelins’s history from the manufactory’s founding through its present-day existence. Did you know it continues to function as a weaving workshop and museum?
  • MIT Libraries Exhibits
    A brief article on tapestry at the Gobelins as well as pages of dye samples—“Most of the names given to the color samples correspond to the list given in the article on dyeing in the Encyclopédie, where at least 80 different colors are listed for wool. Each was produced with a different dye.”
  • A Textile Lover’s Diary
    Encyclopedia of textile terms.
  • King Louis XIV’s historic visit to the Gobelins
    The best documentation that exists of King Louis XIV’s visit to the Gobelins is actually a tapestry! Take a look, and read more about it.

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