Vicomtesse de Vaudreuil / Vigee Le Brun

Grades: Lower Elementary (K–2), Upper Elementary (3–5)
Subject: Visual Arts, English—Language Arts, History—Social Science
Prerequisites: For teachers with minimal proficiency in teaching with works of art, and students of all skill levels.

These lessons celebrate the history of women in art with stories of unique and amazing women.

Women have played an important role in the history of art for thousands of years. They were depicted in the earliest prehistoric art forms and remain important artistic subjects today. Just like men, women have been represented in art as exemplars of their roles within society—within the family, politics, business, the arts, and science.

Over the centuries, women have also been important patrons and commissioners of great art. Many female artists have even overcome the obstacles of a male-dominated discipline to become recognized artists in their own right. They are responsible for great works of art in a variety of media, from painting, to sculpture, to photography.

The lessons in this curriculum cover the themes of adornment, women as artists, and women's roles in the family. They are designed for classroom teaching of primary grades and cover National and California State Content Standards for visual arts, English—language arts, and history—social science, which are listed in each lesson plan.

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