Preventive conservation
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Newsletter 16.2 Summer 2001
Newsletter feature article examining the destruction of world cultural heritage.
Collections Theft Response Procedures
Provides guidance to the multiple functions involved in theft response, and suggest actions to take before and after the incident.
Newsletter 15.2 Summer 2000
Newsletter feature article considering the growing importance of preventive conservation in the management of collections.
Conference: Mortality Immortality? The Legacy of 20th ...
A summary of a conference sponsored by the Getty Conservation Institute devoted to issues regarding the preservation of contemporary art.
Newsletter 8.2 Summer 1993
Newsletter article about initiatives of the Commission on Preservation and Access to preserve library collections.
Newsletter 22.1 Spring 2007
Newsletter roundtable discussion about environmental management.
Collection Environments Issue, Fall 2014
PDF Edition of the entire newsletter, including articles, roundtable discussion, list of key resources, and news items. Vol. 29.2
Presentation and Interpretation in Cave 85 (News Item)
Raised platform and new lighting enhance visitor experience at Mogao Grottoes cave. From Vol. 27.1, Spring 2012.
Pollutants in the Museum Environment (19851998)
A summary of a Getty Conservation Institute project that examined the risks posed to museum collections by atmospheric pollutants.
Newsletter 10.1 Spring 1995
Newsletter article examining efforts by conservation organizations to develop strategic responses to natural disasters.
"Conservation of Public Art" issue. Fall 2012 (PDF Edition)
Entire newsletter, including articles, roundtable discussion, list of key resources, and news items. Vol. 27.2.
Oxygen-Free Museum Cases
Discusses the use of hermetically sealed cases for the long-term conservation of oxygen-sensitive objects.
The Conservation Assessment: A Proposed Model
A proposed model for evaluating museum environmental management needs.
The Ideal Climate, Risk Management, the ASHRAE Chapter ...
Discussion paper presented at the 2007 Experts' Roundtable on Sustainable Climate Management Strategies sponsored by the GCI.