Modern Architecture
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Contemporary Architecture in the Historic Environment
Developing methodologies and tools to guide the design of new buildings in historic contexts and assess their impacts.
Facing Disaster: The Importance of Heritage Inventories in ...
Article discussing importance of heritage inventories in emergency preparation and response. From Volume 28.2, Fall 2013.
Incentives for the Preservation and Rehabilitation of Historic ...
Guidebook for homeowners in Los Angeles to identify financial, tax, and regulatory incentives of benefit to owners of older residential properties.
Conserving Concrete Heritage Experts Meeting Report
Summary of a 2014 experts meeting on conservation of historic concrete buildings and structures.
House Paints
Traces history of household paint industry in the US and UK over first half of 20th century.
"Heritage Inventories" issue. Fall 2013 (PDF Edition)
Entire newsletter, including articles, roundtable discussion, list of key resources, and news items. Vol. 28 no.2.
Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative
This initiative seeks to identify and address conservation challenges to modern architecture through a research and implementation program.
Contemporary Architecture in the Historic Environment
Annotated bibliography on range of views on what constitutes appropriate new development within a historic area.
Taking Stock (Discussion)
A discussion among experts in the field on heritage inventories and decision making. From Vol. 28.2, Fall 2013.
Building and Sites Department (main page)
Departmental description and links to thematic areas.
Eames House Conservation Project
A collaborative project to develop a long-term conservation management and maintenance plan for the 1949 home of Ray and Charles Eames.
Conserving Twentieth-Century Built Heritage: A Bibliography
An extensive subject bibliography on the conservation of modern architectural materials.
Minding the Gap: The Role of Contemporary Architecture in ...
A May 2013 symposium with Richard Meier, Denise Scott Brown, Richard Rogers, Robert Stern, and Paul Goldberger.
Twentieth-Century Building Materials: History and ...
Reprint of 1995 guide developed by US National Park System. New preface.
Inventories and Heritage Management: The Australian ...
Examines heritage inventories in Australia. From Volume 28.2, Fall 2013.
Managing Change: Sustainable Approaches to the ...
Examines issues of sustainability as they related to heritage conservation.
Building Seagram
Phyllis Lambert discusses history of New York's Seagram Building in this public lecture.
Changing the Heritage Inventory Paradigm: The Arches Open ...
Feature on Arches, an open source geospatial web application of cultural heritage inventory and management. From Volume 28.2, Fall 2013.
Helen Pashgian: Transcending the Material
Helen Pashgian uses industrial materials such as polyester, epoxy, and acrylic plastics to create sculptures and installations that explore light and perception.
Conserving the Eames House: A Case Study in Conservation
Details of a January 2015 lecture on the conservation of the Eames House.
Los Angeles Historic Resources Survey Assessment Project ...
Study examining potential for a comprehensive survey of historic resources of Los Angeles and steps to implement.
The Los Angeles Historic Resource Survey Report
Report from the GCI's L.A. Historic Resource Survey project gives Los Angeles a workable blueprint for conducting a citywide historic resources survey.
Lecture: Approaches to Conserving Modern Architecture in the ...
Lecture and video of a panel discussion on conservation principles in the rehabilitation of modern architecture.