Built Heritage
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Conservation of Mosaics in Situ (1998—2009)
Details of a GCI project addressing a number of important issues related to the conservation and management of ancient mosaic pavements in situ.
Conservation and Rehabilitation Plan for Tighermt (Kasbah) ...
Final report of project to develop conservation & rehabilitation plan for Kasbah Taorirt in Morocco.
Key Resources: Seismic Retrofitting
Online resources, organizations, and networks related to seismic retrofitting. From Vol. 30, No. 1, Spring 2015.
Consensus Building, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution for ...
Nine papers on challenges in heritage place management, and relevant dispute resolution and consensus building approaches.
From the Field: Conserving Southern California's Modern ...
December 2014 public program highlighting 6 L.A. preservation projects.
The Future of Asia's Past: Preservation of the Architectural ...
Summary of an international conference held in Chaing Mai, Thailand, January 1995 on the preservation of the architectural heritage of Asia.
Reducing Seismic Vulnerability (Article)
Discusses retrofitting historic buildings. From Vol. 30, No. 1, Spring 2015.
Illustrated Glossary: Mosaics in Situ Project
Aim of this glossary is to establish a common vocabulary for recording of conditions and interventions on in situ floor mosaics.
Archaeological Site Protection and Management
Session Outline: Community in the Planning Process
Between Two Earthquakes: Cultural Property in Seismic ...
This handbook investigates issues related to the management and protection of historic structures, sites, and monuments in seismic zones.
Chaco Culture National Historical Park: A Case Study
A values-based case study of this historic site in New Mexico, USA. 1 of 4 case studies undertaken by the GCI's Research on the Values of Heritage project.
Finishing Touches: Conserving Wall Paintings and Other ...
Details and video of a Getty Conservation Institute panel discussion on April 14, 2010.
Tribute: Laura Mora (News Item)
Tribute to colleague Laura Mora who passed away in 2015. From Vol. 30, No. 2, Fall 2015.
Contemporary Architecture in the Historic Environment
Developing methodologies and tools to guide the design of new buildings in historic contexts and assess their impacts.
Developing A Historic Thematic Framework to Assess ...
Report from a 2011 meeting of ICOMOS ISC20 thematic framework subcommittee members and invitees.
The Legal and Ethical Consideration of Mural Conservation ...
Essay begins with discussion of federal law, the Visual Artists Rights Act, then discusses California law and California Art Preservation Act (CAPA).
Report on the Partial Re-Excavation of the Laetoli Hominind ...
This report describes the evaluation of the trackway that took place in February 2011 in response to a Presidential decision to open the hominid trackway at Site G permanently to public visitation.
Archaeological Sites: Conservation and Management
Features more than 70 influential texts on the conservation & management of archaeological sites.
Facing Disaster: The Importance of Heritage Inventories in ...
Article discussing importance of heritage inventories in emergency preparation and response. From Volume 28.2, Fall 2013.
Southern African Rock Art Project
Overview and details of a GCI project to strengthen rock art preservation, conservation, accessibility, and management in the Southern African region.
Recording, Documentation, Info. Mgmt. Initiative (RecorDIM) ...
Overview and details of a GCI project to identify and bridge the gaps between providers of recording and documentation tools and their users.
Newsletter 31.1: Conservation in China (Spring 2016)
Table of contents for Conservation Perspectives: The Getty Conservation Institute Newsletter, vol. 31, no. 1 (2016).
David Alfaro Siqueiros: Murals in Los Angeles
Selected bibliography focused on the murals painted by Siqueiros in Los Angeles in 1932.
Mosaics at Archaeological Sites: Training for Site Managers
Series of regional training courses in the conservation and management of archaeological sites.
Stone Conservation | Getty Conservation Institute
Materials adapted from the 2003 International Course on Stone Conservation in Rome.
Earthen Architecture Initiative
Overview and details of a Getty Conservation Institute initiative to advance the conservation of earthen architecture worldwide.
Organic Materials in Wall Paintings
Report from this collaborative scientific research project to evaluate investigative techniques for identifying organic materials.
ARIS (2005–2009)
Overview and details of the Getty Conservation Institute and ICCROM sponsored advanced course in architectural conservation, ARIS.
Technician Training for the Maintenance of In Situ Mosaics
2011 edition of this handbook for technician training. Includes documentation methodologies and lesson summaries. Available in English, French, and Arabic.
Assessing the Values of Cultural Heritage: Research Report
Focuses on methods of identifying, articulating, and establishing cultural significance. 3rd in a series from Research on Values of Heritage project.
Visitor Management and Carrying Capacity at World Heritage ...
Extended abstracts of presentations from this 2013 international colloquium at the Mogao Grottoes.
Organic Materials in Wall Paintings (2003–2010)
Overview and details of a GCI project to improve wall paintings conservation through identification of organic materials used as binders.
Proceedings of the GSAP 2006 Colloquium
Proceedings of the Getty Seismic Adobe Project 2006 Colloquium. Available in in 23 downloadable sections or as one PDF file.
Incentives for the Preservation and Rehabilitation of Historic ...
Guidebook for homeowners in Los Angeles to identify financial, tax, and regulatory incentives of benefit to owners of older residential properties.
Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site: A Case Study
A values-based case study of this historic site in England. 1 of 4 case studies undertaken by the GCI’s Research on the Values of Heritage project.
Conservation and Rehabilitation Plan for the Kasbah of ...
Developing a methodology for conservation & rehabilitation of this traditional earthen ensemble.
Conserving Concrete Heritage Experts Meeting Report
Summary of a 2014 experts meeting on conservation of historic concrete buildings and structures.
Biodeterioration of Stone in Tropical Environments
Discusses types and causes of stone biodeterioration, preventive & remedial methods, chemical treatments, and areas for further investigation.
Cave of the Silken Web
Outdoor screening of this 1927 Chinese silent film in the Getty Museum courtyard.
Modern Snapshots from the Field
December 2015 public event featuring presentations from L.A. architecture and preservation firms.
House Paints
Traces history of household paint industry in the US and UK over first half of 20th century.
Earthen Architecture Conservation | Getty Conservation ...
Heritage conservation–related teaching and learning resources for conservation of earthen architecture.
Archaeological Sites in the Maya Area: A Conservation ...
Abstracts of presentations and summary of discussions from the XXII Simposio de Investigaciones Arqueologicas in Guatemala City.
Laetoli Project: Conservation of the Hominind Trackway Site at ...
This report details the 1995 Laetoli field campaign that initiated the third phase of activity in the Hominid Trackway at Laetoli project.
Projects, events, and publications
List of new items in the 30th Anniversary issue. From Vol. 30, No. 2, Fall 2015.
Conservation and Rehabilitation Plan for Kasbah of Taourirt ...
Update on this project to create a methodology for preserving and reusing this traditional ensemble. From Vol. 30, No. 1, Spring 2015.
A Note from the Director (Article)
Foreword from Director Tim Whalen on this special 30th Anniversary issue. From Vol. 30, No. 2, Fall 2015.
Magnesian Limestone Project (2004–2009)
Overview of a Getty Conservation Institute project to develop conservation interventions for magnesian limestone.
The Conservation and Management of the Tomb of ...
Bibliography covers areas related to research needs of the GCI conservation project to conserve and manage Tutankhamen's tomb.
Joya de Cerén, El Salvador Management Plan: Executive ...
Presents the most relevant aspects of the Management Plan for the archaeological site of Joya de Ceren, El Salvador
Wall Paintings Conservation at Mogao Grottoes
Overview and details of a Getty Conservation Institute project researching the deterioration of wall paintings at the Mogao Grottoes in China.
RECORDIM: Guiding Principles & Illustrated Examples
Recording, Documentation, and Information Management for the Conservation of Heritage Places: Illustrated Examples, Vol. II (seven PDF files).
Workshop Transcripts Available Online (News Item)
Transcripts from AIA workshops on archaeology and conservation practice sponsored by GCI. Vol. 31.1, Spring 2016.
Epoxy Resins in Stone Conservation
A publication on the use of epoxy resins in building stone treatments.
Everyday Modernism in the California Landscape
Lectures & panel discussion on conservation strategies for California Modernist buildings.
Conservation of América Tropical
A Getty Conservation Institute project on the conservation of the David Alfaro Siqueiros mural America Tropical in LA.
Dunhuang Cave Art
Peter Sellars and Robert Thurman discuss Dunhuang and Vimalakirti Sutra as sources of inspiration.
Conservation of Wall Paintings (1985–1991)
A summary of a 3-year diploma course on the conservation of wall paintings sponsored by the Getty Conservation Institute.
Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site: A ...
A values-based case study of this historic site in Canada. 1 of 4 case studies undertaken by the GCI’s Research on the Values of Heritage project.
Hominid Trackway at Laetoli (1992–1998)
Overview and details of a past Getty Conservation Institute project for the reburial and conservation of hominid footprints in Laetoli, Tanzania.
Quito (1991–1997)
Overview and details of a past Getty Conservation Institute project that helped to preserve the historic colonial city center of Quito, Ecuador.
Survey of Damage to Historic Adobe Buildings
Survey of damage to these historic structures following the 1994 Northridge, California earthquake.
Conservation of the Last Judgment Mosaic, St. Vitus Cathedral ...
Selected papers from the 2001 international symposium marking completion of the mosaic conservation.
Proceedings 9th World Congress of the Organization of World ...
Proceedings from the Organization of World Heritage Cities 9th World Congress.
Palace Sculptures of Abomey
Includes details of collaboration between Benin Ministry of Culture & Communications and GCI to conserve the bas-reliefs of Abomey.
Alkoxysilanes and the Consolidation of Stone
Synthesizes of literature on the use of alkoxysilanes in stone consolidation.
Nature of Conservation: A Race Against Time
The Nature of Conservation: A Race Against Time. English-language and Spanish-language editions and 2010 prefaces. Available in five sections as downloadable PDF files.
Lessons Learned: Reflecting on the Theory and Practice of ...
Proceedings from the 9th triennial meeting of the International Committee for Conservation of Mosaics in 2005.
Royal Bas-Reliefs of Abomey (1991-1997)
Overview of a past Getty Conservation Institute project for the conservation of the Salle des Bijoux in the Royal Palaces of Abomey, Benin.
Conference: Seismic Protection of Historic Buildings and ...
An international colloquium that reviewed seismic stabilization of historic buildings and monuments sponsored by the Getty Conservation Institute.
Seismic Retrofitting Project: Assessment of Prototype ...
Damage and construction assessments developed for 4 earthen sites in Peru representative of building typologies in Latin America.
Conservation of Shuxiang Temple, Chengde (News Item)
Update on this comprehensive case study at this World Heritage Site in China. From Vol. 30, No. 1, Spring 2015.
Laetoli Project: Conservation of the Hominind Trackway Site at ...
Report on the 1996–1997 Field Season and the Olduvai Museum Exhibition
Middle Eastern Geodatabase for Antiquities (MEGA) - Jordan ...
Overview and details of a Getty Conservation Institute project to develop a GIS for the Department of Antiquities in Jordan.
Consensus Building, Negotiation & Conflict Resolution for ...
Announcement of the publication of proceedings of this 2009 workshop. Vol. 31.1, Spring 2016.
Collections in Hot & Humid Environments (1997–2002)
Overview and details of a past Getty Conservation Institute project addressing climate control issues in hot humid regions.
Historic Places LA (News Item)
City of L.A. and the GCI launch this online information system in February 2015. From Vol. 30, No. 1, Spring 2015.
Mogao Grottoes Visitor Center Opens (News Item)
State-of-the-art visitor center opened September 2014 at this World Heritage Site. From Vol. 30, No. 1, Spring 2015.
Conservation of Archaeological Sites in the Mediterranean ...
Publication, from a 1995 conference, intended to convey discussions and recommendations that identify principal issues and propose possible resolutions.
Cultural Heritage Conservation in China (Article)
Presents practices and achievements in the 21st century. Vol. 31.1, Spring 2016.
Valley of the Queens
A summary of a Getty Conservation Institute project for the conservation and management of the Valley of the Queens in Luxor, Egypt.
Cave Temples of Dunhuang Exhibit (News Item)
Announcement of this exhibit at the Getty Center, May to September 2016. From Vol. 30, No. 2, Fall 2015.
Terra Consortium: Guidelines for Institutional Collaboration
A document outlining the establishment of Project Terra.
Poultice Desalination of Porous Building Materials 2010
Details of a workshop on poultice desalination of building materials in New Orleans, May 2010.
Insect Control with the Fumigant Vikane (1986–1990)
Overview and details of a past GCI project to investigate potential adverse effects of Vikane on museum artifacts and historic structures.
Cave Temples of Dunhuang Come to Getty (Article)
Curators discuss their work to present this exhibition at the Getty Center. Vol. 31.1, Spring 2016.
Heritage Values in Site Management
Four case studies examining the creations and management of heritage values.
Archaeological Site Protection and Management
Technical Note: Community Participation in Heritage Conservation
Evaluation of Lime-Based Hydraulic Injection Grouts for ...
A manual of laboratory and field test methods to test, evaluate, and select appropriate injection grouts for architectural surfaces.
Hieroglyphic Stairway of Copán, Honduras
Downloadable in seven sections, this final project report establishes proposals for stabilization of the carved surfaces of the stairway and preventive measures and maintenance.
"Heritage Inventories" issue. Fall 2013 (PDF Edition)
Entire newsletter, including articles, roundtable discussion, list of key resources, and news items. Vol. 28 no.2.
Permanence and Application of Conservation Materials (1983 ...
Overview and details of a past GCI program of research into the permanence and application of conservation materials.
El Pueblo: The Historic Heart of Los Angeles
This illustrated historical narrative recounts the birthplace of Los Angeles.
Tunisian Mosaics: Treasures from Roman Africa
A richly illustrated introduction to the Roman-era mosaics of Tunisia.
The Gift of Absence: Mural Restoration in a Policy Void
Essay is one part of a 3-part examination of community murals. Others are John Pitman Weber's discussion on which murals get saved and Timothy Drescher's conservation of community murals.
An Evolution in Values (Discussion)
Roundtable discussion on cultural heritage conservation in China. Vol. 31.1, Spring 2016.
Historic Cities and Urban Settlements Initiative
Overview and details of a GCI project to enhance practices in conservation and management of historic cities and urban settlements.
Conference: Conservation of Cultural Property within the ...
Summary of a seminar about the importance of preserving historic city centers and ensembles of cultural property.
Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative Update (News Item)
Publication from 2013 Colloquium now available and new work at Salk Institute begin
East and West of Dunhuang: Music Carried on the Wind
Master musicians & scholar-performers in a concert highlighting cultures that came together to shape Dunhuang caves.