Randall Mason, Margaret G. H. Mac Lean, and
Marta de la Torre; 2003

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This case study looks at the management of Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site. Hadrian's Wall is a remarkable, extensive Roman ruin that has been valued as an archaeological remain for more than two centuries. Today, the designated World Heritage Site includes the Wall, its associated archaeological features such as forts, milecastles, and vallum ditches, and the "setting," a "visual envelope" and buffer zone extending from 1 to 6 kilometers from the Wall itself. A number of agencies, government bodies, and private landowners are involved in the management of the site under the coordination of English Heritage. This study focuses on the values-based management of these resources since the site's World Heritage listing in 1987.

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Mason, Randall, Margaret G. H. Mac Lean, and Marta De la Torre. 2003. Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site: A Case Study. Los Angeles, CA: Getty Conservation Institute. http://hdl.handle.net/10020/gci_pubs/hadrians_wall