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Archaeology and Conservation Education Roundtable

In February 2017 the GCI convened a meeting of educators in archaeology and conservation from leading universities where both fields are taught. These included the University of California, Los Angeles; the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University; the University of Pennsylvania; University College London; and Durham University in the United Kingdom.

The meeting’s objectives were to assess the state of graduate education in both fields and to strategize on how to address educational needs through curriculum change and increased joint training both in the classroom and in the field.

Also participating and providing perspectives on education of future professionals were representatives of several US professional organizations, including the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), the American Institute for Conservation, the Society for American Archaeology, and the American Schools of Oriental Research.

Building on discussions at recent AIA annual meeting workshops, participants proposed actions to strengthen interdisciplinary education. The proposals included a seminar on theory and practice taught jointly by archaeology and conservation faculty and the delivery of a field school module for students of both archaeology and conservation. Proposals for activities outside the university setting included developing a one-day seminar with an orientation to competencies in both fields, to be offered in conjunction with annual meetings of professional organizations, and creating a website portal.

A summary document of the roundtable is being drafted and will be available on the GCI website in early fall 2017 so that proposed activities can be disseminated widely to both fields.