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Symposium on Values in Heritage Management
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In February 2017 the GCI convened a group of international heritage conservation professionals at the Getty Center for a two-day symposium to review emerging trends in dealing with values in heritage conservation practice. The symposium was developed in collaboration with Erica Avrami of Columbia University and Randall Mason of the University of Pennsylvania.

The symposium, built on GCI research into values in heritage management dating back to the late 1990s, was aimed at reviewing how values-based approaches have influenced practice, taking stock of emerging approaches to values in heritage practice and policy, identifying related knowledge and tool gaps (as well as prevalent challenges related to values-based approaches), and proposing specific areas where development of new approaches and future research may help advance the field.

Participants explored themes such as heritage values within non-Western cultures, the integration of tangible and intangible as well as natural and cultural values in conservation practice, current approaches to values assessment, including economic ones, and understanding identity-based conflicts that relate to heritage places.

A publication from the symposium is expected to be issued by Getty Publications in spring 2019.