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New Agreements for Arches
Arches Project

In November 2016 the Getty Conservation Institute entered into agreements with Historic England and the City of Lincoln Council in the United Kingdom to implement the Arches software platform to help manage the rich cultural heritage of Greater London and the City of Lincoln. The Arches platform will also help safeguard the vast accumulated knowledge of the historic environment of Greater London and Lincoln and make it more publicly accessible.

Through the agreements, the GCI will make enhancements to the Arches platform based on the common needs of local heritage authorities in England. These two projects will help create an open source software platform that will be freely available and can be readily applied by other English cultural heritage organizations to configure and use as they see fit. Implementation of the projects is expected to begin in 2017 in Lincoln and 2018 in London.

Arches is an open source, web- and geospatially based information platform built to inventory and ultimately help protect cultural heritage places, including buildings, archaeology, and historic landscapes. Arches Version 4.0, which includes new features (among them an installation wizard and a number of configuration tools), was completed in March 2017. An online-offline mobile data collection app that will sync with Arches is planned for completion before the end of 2017.

The Arches platform was jointly initiated by the GCI and World Monuments Fund in 2013. For further information on Arches, please visit