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The GCI Education department is pleased to make available for the first time online some of the didactic resources that have been produced and used in the Institute's courses, workshops, and field training. These resources are being offered for use by conservation educators and students in the classroom and by professionals for informal personal learning, in accordance with the GCI's Creative Commons license. They include outlines of teaching sessions, bibliographies, exercises, case studies, and technical notes that can be downloaded.

The first sets of resources were added to the site in April and include teaching materials related to archaeological site protection and management (originally developed for a workshop for southeast Asian professionals), and the conservation of photographs and photograph collections (growing out of a multiyear teaching program for professionals in central, southern, and eastern Europe). Additional materials on these and other topics will be added to the site incrementally over the course of the next eighteen months. By the end of 2012, most of the teaching materials prepared for recent GCI courses should be available.

These teaching materials and other resources can be found at publications_resources/teaching/.