Budget Analyst, Administration

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Anet, who is Armenian, was born in Istanbul and grew up in the small German town of Ulm. Living in Europe, she had the opportunity to travel frequently with her family and was exposed to different cultures. Her experience of those other cultures was enhanced by the fact that her parents raised her speaking four languages: Armenian, Turkish, German, and English. At the age of 15, she moved to New Jersey to attend high school in the United States and to strengthen her English skills. Following her graduation, her parents joined her in the United States, and within a year they left the cold winters behind to move to Southern California.

In Los Angeles, Anet attended community college and received her associate degree in accounting. In 1989 she transferred to California State University, Long Beach, where she majored in finance. While taking a full course load at school, Anet worked full-time for the Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation. In 1992 she received her bachelor of science degree in business administration, with a concentration in financial management. With school behind her, she tried her hand as a stockbroker but soon decided that being a financial analyst suited her better. She spent a couple of years as a senior accountant with a private bank before securing a position as a senior financial analyst with Avnet, Incorporated, then the largest semiconductor manufacturer in Southern California.

In May 2000 she made a change and joined an executive search firm, taking on responsibility for recruiting candidates for high-level finance and accounting positions. During her second year at the firm, she came across a listing for a job that she wanted for herself—budget analyst at the GCI. She applied, and in June 2002 she joined the staff of the Institute.

As budget analyst, Anet is responsible for compiling, monitoring, and analyzing a consolidated annual budget plan. She also oversees travel and expenses, as well as procurement activities. Because of the international aspect of the GCI's work and the international character of its staff, Anet feels very much at home at the Institute. She enjoys her colleagues and the challenges of her position, and she feels that this is the best job she has ever had.