Senior Staff Assistant, Administration

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Rogene Ullman is the senior staff assistant to the GCI's assistant director of Administration, providing administrative support for the department as well as assisting staff with matters relating to human resources.

Rogene grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the only community in the United States that owns its own National Football League team (Rogene, an avid fan, owns one share, courtesy of her mother). She was still in high school when she secured her first job—an after-school position at a local bank.

Following graduation, Rogene had her first major glimpse of the world beyond Green Bay when she traveled to Europe for a month, stopping in New York City on the way. Returning home, she attended cosmetology college and for the next few years worked as a hair stylist. She also took writing and business classes at a technical institute. What she enjoyed most was her weekend volunteer work as a disc jockey at the radio station of the local branch of the University of Wisconsin.

In 1989 she moved to Los Angeles, where she found a job as the office manager and publicist for a company that provided celebrity look-alikes for movies and events. Ten months later she returned to Green Bay and went to work as an administrative assistant for a small business that sold electronic machines and parts. By 1994 she decided that if she didn't leave then, she never would. Rogene packed up her belongings and drove across the United States with a friend, back to Los Angeles.

With the help of her sister, who lived in Los Angeles, she signed up with a temporary help agency, and within two weeks she was assigned to the GCI. From the moment she walked into the Institute's offices—then in Marina del Rey—she felt that it was the right place for her. She started as a temporary staff assistant in the Director's Office and later worked for Administration. After six months, she was hired as a limited-term employee, answering phones, filing, and doing light accounting. About a year later, she was made a regular staff member and became more involved in assisting in matters related to staff benefits and orientation. Today she is a senior staff assistant.

Rogene finds her career and the work of the Institute fascinating—and she loves the people she works with.