Budget Analyst, Administration

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For over eight years, Catherine Fritz has served with GCI Administration. Her current responsibilities include coordinating and preparing the Institute's annual budget, reviewing department budgets on a monthly basis, and assisting in human resources matters. She also approves the GCI's accounting, expense report, and staff travel activities.

Catherine was raised in Arlington, a suburb of Ft. Worth, Texas. Early on, music was a part of her life. She began to play the piano at five and to learn the violin in fourth grade, playing competitively beyond college. Her father worked as a systems engineer for a defense company, and her mother taught Spanish at a local high school. Although her mother was one of her high school teachers, Catherine's real interest in Spanish developed when she went off to Trinity University in San Antonio. She majored in foreign languages (Spanish and Portuguese) and spent her junior year abroad in Madrid. At the urging of her father, she completed a minor in business. At the time, she thought that she'd never make use of her business studies.

Following graduation, she moved to Dallas, working first for a small import-export company and then for a bank. In 1987 she enrolled at the American Graduate School of International Management in Phoenix, where she earned a master's degree. A summer internship at a brokerage house in Mexico City solidified her command of Spanish.

After a brief stint with a travel firm in Dallas, she moved to Los Angeles to become an auditor with Occidental Petroleum. She spent over three-quarters of her time away from the home office, conducting operational and financial audits of the company's subsidiaries, including some in Mexico and Brazil, where she continually used her Spanish and Portuguese. After one assignment at a beef slaughterhouse in Idaho, she became a vegetarian for six months.

In 1993 Catherine came to work at the GCI after learning of an administrative position at the Institute through a former colleague from Occidental. Today, in addition to her budget-related responsibilities, she serves on a number of Getty-wide committees and administers the Institute's internship program.

Even though travel is no longer a part of her work, her love of visiting new places remains, and several times a year, she is off to locales that offer her the chance to engage in scuba diving and sightseeing, longtime interests.