In February the Getty launched its new Web site, designed to enhance public access to the Getty's resources.

In the redesigned site, the Web content of the Getty Conservation Institute is now part of the conservation area of the site. This area is divided into three main sections: How we work, Activities, and Resources.

The "How we work" section describes the nature of the GCI's work in the lab, in education, and out in the field. The "Activities" section contains descriptions of current and past projects of the Institute. The "Resources" section includes links to electronic editions of Conservation, The GCI Newsletter; information on Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts (AATA) and the GCI Information Center; and access to free electronic publications of the Institute.

The new site significantly increases the amount of information now available electronically regarding the GCI and its work. The site also contains information regarding the conservation work of the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Please read about the conservation work of the Getty in the Conservation section of