A colloquium entitled "Protective Shelters for Archaeological Sites in the Southwest" was held in Tumacacori, Arizona, from January 9 through 12, 2001. The event was organized by the US/ICOMOS Specialized Committee on Earthen Architecture, in cooperation with the U.S. National Park Service, the Museum of New Mexico State Monuments, and the Getty Conservation Institute (under the auspices of Project Terra). Partial funding was provided by a grant from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training of the U.S. National Park Service.

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The three-day meeting—focused on protective shelters for archaeological sites—explored four major themes: (1) deciding to shelter; (2) establishing conservation, design, and construction criteria; (3) designing and constructing shelters; and, (4) evaluating shelter performance. These topics provided a methodological framework for a discussion of the issues and decision making involved in sheltering, among the nearly 40 architects, archaeologists, conservators, and other professionals who participated in the colloquium.

Through various presentations and case studies, participants debated the positive and negative aspects of protective shelters, as well as the effects shelters have on the values of a site. In addition, field visits to the Tumacacori National Historical Park and the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, as well as an optional trip to the Cocospera Mission archaeological site in Mexico, provided opportunities to view and analyze sites where shelters have been erected or proposed.

Recommendations for advancing the field of knowledge regarding shelters were outlined by the participants at the conclusion of the colloquium. These recommendations, along with selected papers from the colloquium, will be published in an upcoming, special edition of the journal Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites.

Colloquium Speakers, Coordinators, and Moderators

Neville Agnew
Principal Project Specialist
Getty Conservation Institute

Zaki Aslan
Head, Petra Stone Conservation Project
Department of Antiquities, Jordan

Erica Avrami
Project Specialist
Getty Conservation Institute

Jake Barrow
Senior Exhibit Specialist
U.S. National Park Service Intermountain Support Office, New Mexico

Kaisa Barthuli
Archaeology Technician
U.S. National Park Service Intermountain Support Office, New Mexico

Carolina Castellanos
Archaeological Conservator

Martha Demas
Senior Project Specialist
Getty Conservation Institute

John Fidler
Head, Building Conservation and Research
English Heritage, United Kingdom

Kathy Fiero
Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

James W. Garrison
State Historic Preservation Officer
Chief of the Historic Preservation Section, Arizona State Parks

Pamela Jerome
Architectural Conservator, Senior Associate
Preservation Department, Wank Adams Slavin Associates, New York

Frank Matero
Director, Graduate Program in Historic Preservation
University of Pennsylvania

John Montgomery
Professor of Anthropology
Eastern New Mexico University

Gaetano Palumbo
Senior Lecturer in Archaeology and Heritage Studies,
Institute of Archaeology
University College London, United Kingdom

Ann Rasor
Tumacacori National Historical Park, Arizona

Jeff Rust
Fort Davis National Historical Site, Texas

Nicholas Stanley-Price

Mike Taylor
Archaeologist and Deputy Director
Museum of New Mexico State Monuments

Jeanne Marie Teutonico
Associate Director
Getty Conservation Institute

Troy Thompson
Associate and Studio Director
Schmidt Associates, Indiana

Dave Yubeta
Tumacacori National Historical Park,