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April 2009

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P R O J E C T S   A N D   A C T I V I T I E S

Historic Cities and Urban Settlements Initiative

In March 2009, the GCI hosted a meeting on the conservation challenges and priorities for action facing historic cities and urban settlements. This meeting brought together international professionals and decision makers and will help guide the GCI's ongoing research into the most critical and urgent needs facing the field of urban conservation.

Learn more about GCI's Historic Cities and Urban Settlements Initiative.

Plaza San Francisco in Quito
Plaza San Francisco in Quito. Photo: Jeff Cody
Preventive Conservation: Case Study in the Context of a Historic House Museum

The GCI, in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage and the Amsterdam-based house museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder (Our Lord in the Attic), developed a didactic case study that focuses on the impact of visitation on the conservation of the physical fabric of the museum's building and collections, and examined how these affect visitor appreciation of the museum.

Find out more about the results of this case study.

Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder Museum
A view toward the altar in the hidden attic church of the Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder Museum. Photo: Paul Ryan
Research on Management Planning

The management and conservation of sites is a long-held interest of the GCI. The Institute is currently analyzing its experiences in this field by evaluating previous GCI projects involving conservation management planning to identify prevailing needs in heritage management, and to develop potential ways in which the GCI can address existing gaps.

Find out more about this new initiative.

viewing platform at Cueva del Ratón
Visitors on the newly constructed rock art viewing platform at the Cueva del Ratón, in 1994. Rock Art of Baja California is one of the GCI projects selected for analysis. Photo: Nicholas Stanley-Price
Outdoor Painted Surfaces

This project, a part of the GCI's research on the conservation of modern and contemporary art materials, aims to improve significantly conservators' understanding of the paints used for twentieth- and twenty-first-century outdoor painted works of art and to establish procedures that could be employed to improve their preservation.

Learn more about this project and about GCI's research in modern and contemporary art.

detail of wall mural, Hollywood Jazz: 1945-1972
Detail of Hollywood Jazz: 1945-1972 painted by Richard Wyatt in 1990, photographed in 2007. Photo: Tom Learner
Preservation of Plastics

This long-term project aims to gather information on the properties of a wide range of plastics in order to understand why certain plastics are more unstable than others, and to establish protocols that help to slow down their deterioration.

Find out more about this new project.

samples of plastic materials
A selection of plastic materials that will be analyzed by GCI scientists. Photo: Rachel Rivenc

P U B L I C A T I O N S,   V I D E O S,   A N D   A U D I O

House of Eternity: The Tomb of Nefertari
book cover House of Eternity: The Tomb of Nefertari

By John K. McDonald

This book, the first one published in the GCI's popular Conservation and Cultural Heritage series, offers insights into the life of Nefertari; the construction, decoration, and symbolism of royal tombs; and the GCI's role in conserving and stabilizing the tomb's wall paintings.

Originally published in 1996 and currently out of print, it is now available online as a PDF.

Final Report: 2008 Annual Forum of the Pacific Rim Council on Urban Development
report cover

This report provides a concise summary of the key points that emerged from the forum discussions, while also providing an overview and documentation of the event.

Read the report online and find out more about GCI's initiative for Built Heritage in Southeast Asia.

Project Bibliography: Grouts
lab samples of grouts
Commercial and custom-mixed grouts prepared for testing in the GCI's laboratory. Photo: Hande Cesmeli

Access online the bibliography prepared for the GCI project Injection Grouts for the Conservation of Architectural Surfaces.

Learn more about this project.

New Titles in the Research Library
GCI Information Center
The Information Center at the Getty Conservation Institute. Photo: Dennis Keeley

Recently acquired titles in the Conservation Collection in the Research Library at the Getty Research Institute are available to readers on site at the Getty Center. Some materials are available through your library's interlibrary loan service.

Access the list of titles from the GCI Information Center Page.

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GCI Mission Statement
The Getty Conservation Institute works to advance conservation practice in the visual arts, broadly interpreted to include objects, collections, architecture, and sites. It serves the conservation community through scientific research, education and training, model field projects, and the broad dissemination of the results of both its own work and the work of others in the field. In all its endeavors, the Conservation Institute focuses on the creation and dissemination of knowledge that will benefit the professionals and organizations responsible for the conservation of the world's cultural heritage.

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