Magnesian Limestone Project (2004-2009)

Project Publications

Lopez-Arce, P., J. Garcia-Guinea, D. Benavente, L. Tormo, and E. Doehne. 2008. Deterioration of dolostone by magnesium sulphate salt: An example of incompatible building materials at Bonaval Monastery, Spain. Construction and Building Materials 23 (2):846-855.

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Odgers, D, Sarah Pinchin, B. Martin, C. Wood, T. Curteis, E. Doehne, G. Chiari, J.M. Teutonico, and A. Burges. 2008. Investigations into Decay Mechanisms of Magnesian Limestone at Chapter House, Howden Minster. In Proceedings of the 11th International Congress on Deterioration and Conservation of Stone, 2008, Vol. 1 edited by J. Lukaszewicz and P. Niemcewicz,. Torun: Nicolaus Copernicus University Press.

Pinchin, S.E., T. Curteis, D. Odgers, and E. Doehne. 2008. Understanding the Decay of 14th Century Magnesian Limestone Carvings in Yorkshire, UK. In Art2008 9th International Conference on NDT of Art, May 2008, Jerusalem.

Lopez-Arce, P., E. Doehne, W. Martin, and S. Pinchin. 2008. Magnesium sulfate salts and historic building materials: Experimental simulation of limestone flaking by relative humidity cycling and crystallization of salts. In Materiales de Construccion 58 (289-290):125-142.


References Relevant to Conservation of Magnesian Limestone

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