Dissemination of the Results

The many separate but connected areas of this research project offered the opportunity for dissemination in a number of professional journals and at conferences.

Work Completed

  • A paper entitled "Surface cleaning: Quantitative study of gel residue on cleaned paint surfaces" was included in the preprints, and program of "Tradition and Innovation: Advances in Conservation," the 2000 biennial conference of the International Institute for Conservation of Artistic and Historic Works (IIC), in Melbourne.
  • A paper entitled "Detection of residues on the surfaces of objects previously treated with aqueous gels," was published in the preprints and presented in the Paintings I working session of the 13th triennial meeting of the ICOM-Committee for Conservation held in Rio de Janeiro in September 2002.
  • A paper entitled "Scientific Investigation of Surface Cleaning Processes: Quantitative study of gel residue on porous and topographically complex surfaces," was published in the Preprints and presented to the working group Scientific Examination of Works of Art, at the 13th triennial meeting of ICOM-CC.
  • A full description of the analytical innovations, the experiment protocols and data, and the conclusions was prepared for dissemination as a volume in the GCI scientific publication series, Research in Conservation.