Literature Research and Materials Characterization

To understand fully the behavior of chemical adsorbents and to better inform judgments on their use and appropriateness, it was essential to develop a deep understanding of their chemistry. This included testing and optimizing the analytical and preparative techniques to be used later in the project.

Work Completed

  • Collecting both conservation and chemical literature on generic and specific adsorbent properties and use.
  • Conducting carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulfur analysis.
  • Conducting BET specific surface measurement.
  • Performing thermogravimetry, differential thermal analysis, and mass spectrometry to identify adsorbed species.
  • Conducting microprobe analysis and imaging for surface morphology.
  • Conducting laboratory preparation of adsorbents with altered physical properties.

This work was carried out on selected adsorbents to address specific issues unique to each. Not all of the work was applied to all adsorbents.