Rehabilitation and Conservation Planning for the Site

This phase aims to develop a rehabilitation and conservation plan for an earthen site used by its community and managed by applicable authorities. Conserving the Kasbah demands a multidisciplinary approach that addresses economic, social, cultural, and technical challenges.

An important component of this phase is to facilitate discussions between CERKAS, the municipality of Ouarzazate, community groups, governmental organizations, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) about issues and opportunities presented by the site with the objective of arriving at a common vision for Kasbah Taourirt's future use.

This phase is divided in two components:

1. Conservation and rehabilitation planning for the Kasbah
Develop a plan for the conservation and rehabilitation of the site that can be adopted by site owners and managers. Activities include:

Map relative levels of significance and identify character-defining features of the site in order to guide the rehabilitation proposal and appropriate uses of historic spaces

Carry out a condition assessment of the Kasbah, focusing on identifying urgent and longer-term interventions

Prepare technical specifications to guide interventions for the adaptive reuse of the site

Develop policies for adaptive reuse based on the assessments of condition, significance and values

Define strategies of interventions including practical conservation approaches and programming for future use of the structures and public areas

Develop operational guidelines for the use and maintenance of the site as well as recommendations for the Kasbah and its relationship with the surrounding context

Present the conservation and rehabilitation proposal, including the policies and operational guidelines for the Kasbah's future use and maintenance to the community

Hold training workshops on activities including documentation, conditions assessment, significance and values, assessment and treatment of wall paintings, and in situ laboratory analysis of earthen materials

2. Conservation of the painted surfaces of the Kasbah Taourirt

Develop a methodology to record, assess, and implement treatments for the conservation of painted surfaces of the site through the following activities:

Develop appropriate documentation of the painted surfaces

Define and assess their condition

Design and implement proper conservation treatment using locally available materials

Page updated: August 2014