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The results of the project are disseminated through papers, articles in scholarly journals, online publications, and workshops.

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Evaluation of Lime-Based Hydraulic Injection Grouts for the Conservation of Architectural Surfaces


Injection Grouts for Conservation of Architectural Surfaces

Nine videos demonstrating laboratory tests measuring the properties of injection grouts, including injectability, splitting tensile strength, and capillary water absorption.

Injection Grouts for the Conservation of Architectural Surfaces
(May 2009, November 2009, June 2010)

The Getty Conservation Institute hosted two-day workshops on injection grouts for the conservation of architectural surfaces. The workshops provided an overview of the characteristics, properties, and uses of injection grouts for the conservation of architectural surfaces, including plasters, wall paintings, and mosaics focusing on desirable properties and parameters for their use in conservation.

Topics covered include: basic components of grouts, laboratory testing, selection of grouts, and practical application of tests in the field.

Lectures and laboratory components, including demonstrations and practical exercises, were led by scientists and conservators associated with the GCI Grouts Research and Evaluation Project: Beril Bicer-Simsir, GCI assistant scientist; David Carson, GCI laboratory manager; and Leslie Rainer, conservator and GCI senior project specialist.

conservation students in lab    grouts workshop participants
EnlargeSince 2006, the grouts project team has provided informal lectures and laboratory exercises for students of the UCLA/Getty Master's Program in the Conservation of Ethnographic and Archaeological Materials. Photo: Leslie Rainer   EnlargeParticipants carry out field test exercise during APT workshop in November 2009. Photo: Elise Yakuboff

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