Field Application


Based on the results of the laboratory testing, field tests were developed to evaluate grouts used by conservators in the field. These are intended as simple tests to assist conservators evaluate and compare grouts on site. The field test methods and parameters were designed to correlate with the laboratory testing.

Parallel to this, use of laser speckle interferometry in the field was used to detect the presence of voids in walls due to delamination and to assist in the assessment of delaminated areas following treatment.


The project team has been working with conservators from the Herculaneum Conservation Project (HCP) at the archaeological site of Herculaneum, Italy on the testing, selection, and modification of injection grouts currently used for filling voids and cracks in wall paintings and stucco elements. Additionally, laser speckle interferometry is being used to detect voids in walls, particularly in areas that are difficult to access (ceilings and vaults) with good results.

Page updated: September 2013