Background Research

The first phase of the project consisted of background research, including a review of the topic through a search of published literature. From this, a comprehensive bibliography was compiled, and a literature review drafted, which provided a summary of current materials and practices for grouting.

A bibliography was compiled using a wide variety of sources including articles on test methods for structural grouts and mortars, materials characterization, case studies, and other reference sources.

Literature Review
The literature review was divided into four main sections relevant to the proposed research:

1) Materials for Grouting

  • Selection of Materials
      •  binders
      •  fillers
      •  water
      •  additives
  • Studies Related to Commercial and Custom-mixed Grouts

2) Working Properties and Performance Characteristics of Grouts

  • Working Properties
  • Performance Characteristics

3) Methods for Evaluating Grouts

  • Examination and Characterization of Raw Materials
  • Preparation and Curing of Grouts
  • Assessment of Working Properties
  • Assessment of Performance Characteristics

4) Application Techniques of Grouts

Page updated: September 2013